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Hammer Energy Gel-Single

Convenient Hammer Gel provides an easily digested source of carbohydrate with no added sugars which allows for a greater volume of calories to be easily digested, providing more fuel for energy production in a concentrated source of calories. Hammer Gel is primarily used just before and during training sessions and races. It may be used as a pre-workout meal or for recovery, providing an excellent source of easily digested carbohydrates.

Price is for One Gel packet only.

Style number: FAHB

Hammer Energy Gel-Single


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    Usage Suggestions & Notes: 

    • Hammer Gel may be used as the sole source of calories during workouts and races up to two hours. When training sessions or races go longer than that select either Hammer Nutrition’s PERPETUEM or SUSTAINED ENERGY as your primary fuel source.
    • Hammer Gel is perfectly compatible with all Hammer Nutrition fuels so during ultra distance events, while Hammer Gel cannot be your sole source of calories every single hour, it may be occasionally to give you a little variety in what you’re consuming.
    • The Hammer flask holds 5-6 servings
    • Espresso and Tropical contain caffeine
    • You can use Hammer Gel to flavor Sustained Energy, smoothies, etc.
    • Hammer Gel flavors can be mixed for a variety of tastes. Try these combinations:

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