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Wanaka bike workshop 

Bike Fit Experts.
Our Outside Sports bike workshop is staffed by a team of bike addicts who are experts in fixing bikes.  We'll get you back on the trails again in no time.  From flat tyres to full bike overhauls.  
Our friendly team of staff can help you with anything from fixing flat tyres (we'll gladly show you how) to endurance racing tips.




General Check-over, wipe down & chain lube



Thorough check-over of all major fixings



Standard service + detailed attention to chain, derailleurs and crankset



Bike is stripped down to frame & reassembled like new with all components given detailed servicing & adjusting (excludes full fork or shock service)





Adjust Calipers $15

Bleed system front/rear





Replace spokes

from $25

Wheel build

from $40


Replace tube (incl. new tube)


Our workshop is located in our fully stocked bike shop at the back of our Wanaka store - through the alleyway.  Our bike shop specialises in Specialized bikes and has a full range of accessories, helmets and protection from top brands such as POC, Lezyne, SRAM and Shimano. Open all year.
Keeping your bike in great shape is essential for your safety, check out our 5 point safety check below.
  • Tyres and Wheels
    • Spin it – does it roll and keep on rolling without strange noises or cracking. Does it spin straight or does it wobble? If there’s noises or it wobbles it needs attention.
    • Does it have plenty of air in it? Is it worn, cracked? Tyre pressure should be roughly 30-40psi. Cracked and worn tyres will cause punctures, get them replaced when you can.
    • Wiggle it from side to side – does it wobble. If so check the quick releases or nuts make sure they are fastened properly.
  • Brakes
    • Squeeze them, do they pull into the bars? Are they hard to pull with 1-2 fingers only? If the brakes pull into the bars – you need to adjust your brakes or replace your brake pads. If they are hard to pull, you need to adjust them or oil them. See the mechanics.
  • Bar and Stem
    • Make sure your bars and stem are fastened, quickly check the screws and make sure they are tight or wiggle your bars see if you can move them. If so tighten them.
    • Is your seat fastened and at the right height. Make sure the fastener is turned towards the back.
  • Chain and Gears
    • Is your chain clean, free of lots of grease and grime? Does it rub anywhere, you’ll hear it rubbing? Does your bike spin through it’s gears without slipping, clunking? If you aren’t getting all your gears or the chains rubbing you need to adjust your gears, and always keep the chain clean it’s what keeps your bike going.
  • Helmet
    • Look over your helmet, is it scratched, old and brittle looking? Is it worthy of protecting you head? Helmets wear from being left in the sun, heat, cold, look over it and make sure it’s safe.
Check them on a regular basis, they’re essential to keeping you safe on your bike. If they need fixing get them done before you head off on your next ride. Your safety depends on you.  

Wanaka Bike Workshop Hours

17/23 Dunmore St
Wanaka 9305
Phone:  +64 (0) 3-443 7966
Wanaka bike shop hours:  9am to 5pm Mon-Sat Closed Sundays
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