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Days like these are what Queenstown life is all about!

Inter store ride at Rude Rock

By Elmo

To kick summer off, employees from all the Queenstown bike shops got together after work for a big group bike ride at a local favourite, the Rude Rock trail.

Outside Sports bike Queenstown Rude Rock NZ

Rude Rock is up at the Coronet peak ski area and has easy shuttle access along the Coronet Peak road making it perfect for group rides. It is a fast and flowy trail that weaves along the open tussock hills and is extremely fun for both intermediate and advanced mountain bikers.

Outside Sports bike Queenstown Rude Rock NZ

At 6pm everyone shut up shop and nearly 40 riders piled into vans to head up Coronet Peak. The sun was leaving town but as Rude Rock is up on the hill there was still plenty of daylight left to ride. It was a beautiful calm afternoon and spirits were high – everyone was stoked to finish the workday and get out for a ride with all of their buddy’s.

People piled out of the vans at the top of the road and lined up at the start of the trail for a huge party train down. Some good sorts had recently done some digging to spruce up the track so it was riding perfectly. The pack dropped in and the hills echoed with the sounds of excited riders doing what they enjoy most. Everyone had an awesome time sending it down the hill again and again until it was nearly too dark to see. With the last bit of light all the riders mingled in the carpark for plenty of hi-fives, a beer, and a good catch up about the winter and plans for summer before heading home or to the pub. 

Outside Sports bike Queenstown Rude Rock NZ

Cheers to everyone involved for an awesome evening, it was great to get everyone from the local shops together and share a ride. Days like that are what Queenstown life is all about!

Bring on the bike season.



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