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Tiki Tour Team place 3rd in the Godzone, Wanaka

Floortje from Outside Sports Wanaka competed in the Godzone adventure race 2015, and was lucky to be part of the "Tiki Tour Team", Sponsored by Rational Engineering.

Godzone Tiki Tour team 2015 Outside Sports NZ

Floortje describes the difficult course of the Godzone that covered variable terrain across the amazing scenery surrounding Wanaka in unpredictable weather; “We faced wet weather, white outs, gusty North westerlies and some sunny moments. Kayaked and Canoed in the darkness of the night down the most beautiful rivers and lakes. Tracked in the silence of the most remote areas. We ran next to waterfalls while the chamois were jumping down rocks beside us. Through rough tussock, swamp, milky rivers, slips and slides, holding scrubs, tree roots making sure not to let go, spotting Red deer amongst the mist of it”.

Godzone Tiki Tour team 2015 Outside Sports NZ

The Godzone adventure race was broken down into stages, of which each team had to meet the control points within the allocated time to continue onto the next stage. Each of Floortje’s stage of the Godzone was around 14hours +. Floortje describes the excitement of the team looking for the control points like “wee Jack Russel's looking for rabbits”.

Godzone Tiki Tour team coastering 2015 Outside Sports NZ

The Tiki Tour Team took 6 days to complete the challenging Godzone, with a total of 9 hours sleep.

“Day 6 got to me as I couldn't keep awake. I took a double dose of "No Doze" , drank a red bull and ate all the sugar I could find but kept falling a sleep on my bike. We decided to have a hour nap, that ended up in 3hours as we didn't hear the alarm!! We had slept in! We raced as hard as we possibly could to get back to 3rd position, knowing we had dropped to 4th. Going into the final stage at Dublin Bay by Kayak we were informed that we were currently sitting 3rd as the other team missed a control point. Team Colombia, the world champs ,were somewhere beside the lake having a very long sleep. We got excited in the thought that we could possibly go for 2nd placing if we could fight the sleep and the North Westerly wind. Heading to the finish line and seeing my hometown, on Lake Wanaka was a very special moment. Knowing that the finish line was just in reach and there were no more stages to complete I felt a little down, but seeing my family and friends again, who supported us all the way through, celebrating our 3rd placing at finish line was absolutely overwhelming!” Floortje says. “We knew day1 we needed to be very fast to get a good position in the front of the pack. We all absolutely loved the physical challenge. We worked well as a team”.

Godzone Floorjte Kayak coastering 2015 Outside Sports NZ

 A huge congratulations goes out to the Tiki Tour Team and we are very proud of our staff member Floortje, who went straight back into a work shift the morning after- we don’t know how you do it!

Godzone Floorjte redbull coastering 2015 Outside Sports NZ


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