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National Secondary Schools Mountain Biking Championships 2014

National Secondary Schools Mountain Biking Championships NZ was held on the 4th of October down in Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand at the Wakari forest trails. Ben Luke, who works for Outside Sports took part in the event taking a very well deserved 5th place. 

National Secondary Schools Mountain Bike Championships NZ 2014 Ben Luke Outside Sports

Here's what Ben Luke had to say about the National Secondary Schools Mountain Biking Championships 2014:  

The track was pretty easy technically and not too steep either which meant it was going to be a pretty fast race, it was going to all be down to cardio and speed on the switchbacks which never ended throughout the course. It was 7 laps for the under 20 boys, my average lap was around 11 minutes, and after a 1km uphill start loop to spread out the riders we were onto the main course. I was expecting the start loop to be a ridiculous sprint before it got into the single track, which it was. The sprint went really well for me, really really well. I was surprised to find myself with Ben Oliver (Fresh off a European under 19 season) off the front. Just us two with a small gap on everyone else, going into the first downhill section though you could see why he is a world level racer. On the untechnical course he was carrying so much speed through all the turns I couldn’t stay with him. For the first two laps I was coming in 2nd place leading around 3 other guys who were right on my tail. Unluckily, just after we came around from the 2nd lap I slid my wheel out on a corner and that gave the opportunity for the 3 guys to pass me. I ended up not being dropped off the back of them another lap or so later. I came across the line 5th out of New Zealand riders which I was super stoked about. While it would’ve been good to get on the podium I was really happy with how I raced. I think I need to spend a lot more time working on carrying speed through tight corners because there was heaps of them and that’s where I lost a few positions.

National Secondary Schools Mountain Bike Championships NZ 2014 Ben Luke Outside Sports

We are stoked for you too, great effort, well done Ben!

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Rogaining - What is it?

You may or may not have heard of Rogaining, if you like the great outdoors, running trails or tramping in the hills and mountains with friends then you will love Rogaining.  

Rogaining is a sport of long distance cross-country navigation where you route plan and navigate between checkpoints using a variety of different map types. In a rogaine, teams of 2-5 people choose which checkpoints to visit within a time limit with the intent of maximizing their score. Teamwork, endurance, competition and an appreciation for the natural environment are features of the sport. Championship Rogaines are 24 hours long, however Rogaines can be as short as 2 hours.

John and Judy Knight from Outside Sports both took lace in the 6 hour mixed event at the MT Outdoors Wanaka Rogaine on Saturday September 13th 2014. The organisers of the MT Outdoors Wanaka Rogaine like to think of it as ‘strategic mountain running in a team’.

Rogaine NZ Judy Knight Outside Sports

The MT Outdoors Wanaka Rogaine has 6 hour and up to 12 hour options where you have exactly 6 or 12 hours to get to and record the codes of as many check points as you can. Some check points are worth more than others do you have to be strategv about which ones you will aim for. It is very rare in any Rogaine that you will get to all of the check points so you have to plan carefully to get as many points as you can. 

Rogaining Outside Sports NZ Judy Knight

Below are a few questions that we asked John Knight from Outside Sports about his Rogaining experience.

What was the full name of the event and which category did you compete in?

MT Outdoors Wanaka, Rogaine. September 13 2014, 6 hr mixed 40-54 event

What made you want to enter this event?

A fun day out in an amazing part of Central Otago New Zealand, Cainmuir station. Scrambling around the countryside looking for checkpoints (you have a map with checkpoints and clues on it and you have to navigate your way to and then find  these checkpoints)


What was the best thing about this event? 

The weather was perfect and the scenery as you can see from the photos was incredible.


Have you done Rogaining before?

We've not done this particular course before, every Rogaine course is different, but we have been doing Rogaines for ever! (20 yrs plus for John)


What was your aim, i.e. just to finish, to get a certain time etc?

These days our aim was to finish and to do okay.


What was the most useful piece of kit you took with you or used?

Our map and food, lots of it. Being outdoors in a mountainous region for 6 hours the weather and temperature can change considerably so we both wore layers of Icebreaker Merino Clothing which helped to keep us warm without overheating when it got warmer later in the day. 

Would you do it again next year?



What is the website that people can visit for more information about this event? 


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Mini Mountain - Treble Cone New Zealand

The PUMP Mini Mountain 2014 competition took place on Sunday 7th September at Treble Cone Ski Resort in the South Island of New Zealand. The PUMP Mini Mountain competition consists of two judged runs down some of Treble Cone's famous freeride terrain. Kids are divided into age divisions 7 and under, 9 and under, 11 and under and 13 and under as well as discipline and judging on line, fluidity, control and air. 

Outside Sports Wanaka is proud to support local Wanaka youth riders Luca Harrington and Olly Thomas who both competed in the Mini Mountain competition. 

Luca Harrington took our first place in the 11 and under Male ski division where he attempted a backflip. 

Luca Harrington, young local Wanaka skier, is pictured below on the Mini Mountain course and taking first place on the podium wearing his Outside Sports Ride Jersey. 

Outside Sports Wanaka Skier Luca Harrington PUMP Mini Mountain Treble Cone NZ

Outside Sports Wanaka Luca Harrington Podium PUMP Mini Mountain Treble Cone NZ

Congratulations to Luca, Olly and all of the other competitors. 

For full results from the PUMP Mini Mountain 2014 at Treble Cone NZ click here.

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