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Hydration Bladder vs Water Bottle

Hydration Bladder vs Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is vital for your performance in sport, and just as important for everyday living. There are various options to get that fluid intake on board; here are some pros and cons of using a hydration bladder and water bottle to carry fluids on your bike, hike or skiing adventure. You might find you switch the option you are using:

Water Bottles


Water bottles are ideal in the office- providing an excellent visual aid to help measure the volume of fluid consumed. Out on the trail, whether hiking, biking or skiing- a water bottle is easier to fill up from a stream than a hydration bladder and also a bit simpler to pour if you decide to make a cup of tea.

Water bottle Hydration Outside Sports NZ


If you don’t have a handy to reach pocket on your pack then a water bottle can be difficult to drink from on the go, meaning that you need to stop for refreshment, or ask someone to help you every time you’re thirsty. This can also discourage people from stopping and result in dehydration.

Regarding cycling, some smaller frame bikes don’t have space on the down tube to mount a bottle cage or fit a bottle. If your bottle does fit and you’re on a muddy/dusty trail the mouth piece tends to get covered in mud and dirt.

Hydration Bladders


With a hydration bladder there is no need to stop what you are doing, simply reach for the tube and start hydrating. Being able to sip water more frequently will likely result in you drinking more water. And drinking more water results in better performance, better recovery and better mood!

If you have a compatible pack for a hydration bladder, the mouth piece will be able to sit right at your chest and the bladder will sit right in your bag. For biking and skiing a Camelbak hydration pack is a handy place to store snacks, clothes, tools and spares.

CamelBak Hydration Bladder Outside Sports NZ


As your hydration bladder is tucked away in your pack you can never be certain of how much water you've drunk without stopping to check.

You will experience on a hot day that the water sat in the tube of the bladder will warm up, making those first few sips not as refreshing. The tube is difficult to clean and mould can grow.

Lastly, a bladder will leak in the end. There's no way of getting around it.

In conclusion, if you’re on the go then try a Hydration bladder, if you can stop for plenty of breaks then a water bottle will work. Carry both when tramping for the ultimate performance in rehydration on the go and re-filling.


Wide mouth pieces on water bottles are easier to clean. There are various options of materials for water bottles- consider one for your needs, i.e. stainless steel is lightweight, Purist plastic will never get taste stained.

A hydration bladder with a large opening such as a CamelBak bladder is easier to clean and dry to help eliminate mold between uses. Use the CamelBak cleaning kit.

Add Nuun to your water to deliver a fast-absorbing electrolyte blend.

Read more about Hydration Packs for Biking.

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The Kepler Challenge Mountain Run NZ

The ASICS Kepler and Luxmore Grunt Challenge event

Kepler Challenge runner NZ

This the ASICS Kepler Challenge year's race will be held on Saturday 6th December 2014. The Kepler Challenge Mountain Run is the premier mountain running event in New Zealand and follows the 60 km Kepler Track circuit through the Fiordland National Park. It has been held annually since 1988, and draws competitors from throughout New Zealand and around the world. Around 450 runners enter the event with nearly all completing the demanding course.

Kepler Challenge NZ map

An easy first 5.6 km to Brod Bay turns to a steady, well graded further 8.2 km climb to the Luxmore Hut at 1085m. This first section also forms the route for the sister race, the ASICS Luxmore Grunt. For the next 14.5 km an excellent track undulates across the tops, reaching an altitude of 1400m before the spectacular descent to Iris Burn hut. It then follows a 16 km journey down the Iris Burn to Motorau hut via Rocky Point. A 9.5 km stage along the Waiau River back to the Control Gates completes the course.

Some facts and figures

Total km's running uphill: 8.2 + 4.1 + 3.4 = 15.7km ascent

Total elevation running uphill: 1197m + 150m = 1350metres

Total km's running downhill: 1.5 + 16.2 + 4.5 = 22km descent

Total descent elevation: 1350 metres (same as above)

Kepler Challenge NZ Race elevation

Other info:

The highest point is called the 'Luxmore Saddle'

There are 10 drink stations

Race records

Men's: Martin Dent 4:33:37 (2013) Martin broke the 8 year old record set by Phil Costley

Women's: Zelah Morrall 5:23:34 (2003) a new race record twice in a row!

Kepler Challenge NZ Race map

Kepler Race map-Toilet and Drink Stations.

The ASICS Luxmore Grunt event

Kepler Challenge runner climbing NZ

The 27km ASICS Luxmore Grunt is held on the first section of the Kepler Track and although a shorter distance than the full ASICS Kepler Challenge which follows the entire Kepler Track at 60km, the shorter 27km course up to Luxmore Hut and return is fittingly named the Grunt. Leaving from the Control Gates, an easy 5.6km to Brod Bay turns to a steady, well graded further 8.2km climb to the Luxmore Hut check point at 1085m. The course then returns back down the same track to the control gates to complete the course.

This year's race will be held on Saturday 6th December 2014.

Other info:

The highest point is at the 'Luxmore Hut' (1085m).

There are 3 drink stations in total (two, one of which is visited twice) 

Race records

Men's: Phil Costley 1:52:30 (2008)

Women's: Shireen Crumpton 2:04:18 (1998)

Ultimate Direction Race Vest Outside Sports NZ

Ultimate Direction Race Vest.

Hydration and nutrition are vital fuel sources for your body during races. Check out our range of Ultimate Direction Race vests and hydration options to help fuel your body with nutrition.

Kepler Challenge Special Deals

Outside Sports, Te Anau have an instore promotion of 20% off retail for All GU products for the Kepler challenge event. Including GU Gel, GU chomps, GU roctane and GU brew. Promotion is available instore now, Thursday 4th December 2014 through until Sunday 7th December 2014. There is also a selection of Marmot Precip jackets for both mens and womens at 30% off until stocks last. Drop in and grab yourself a bargain- Kepler Registration is from 12pm Friday through till 6.30pm. So runners can stock up before or after registration.

 Outside Sports, Te Anau will be open until 8.30pm each night this weekend.

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Ultimate Direction Race Vest

Ultimate Direction, Signature Series Race Vests.

Using state-of-the-art materials & designs to make athlete-Inspired Hydration Packs. Ultimate Direction makes the lightest hydration packs & water belts for running & endurance sports.

The running vests Scott Jurek, Anton Krupicka and Peter Bakwin designed were incredibly successful, but the boys thought of some great improvements for Signature Series 2.0. For additional durability, they switched from Cuben Fiber to Silnylon 66, beefed up all the mesh and bungy cords, and added edge binding to the stretch pockets on all three vests. For easier sizing and a better fit, they added lateral adjustment straps on Scott’s and Peter’s vests. Those two vests now have a third zipper for easier access to an optional internal bladder. Anton's vest is more streamlined without the pockets at the bottom of the main compartment. And finally, everything has been updated with Ultimate Direction's new color and logo.

AK Race Vest

AK Race Vest

Designed by Anton Krupicka, the AK Race Vest brings minimalism to the world of hydration. Even though it weighs in at only 7 ounces (12.5 with bottles), the AK Race Vest still has plenty of capacity for food, clothing, and a phone, so you can use this vest for anything from 10 to 100 miles.

Anton Krupicka

Anton Krupicka:"The Race Vest is super light and minimal…but easily carries everything I need.”

SJ Ultra Vest

SJ Ultra Vest Buy Now

The SJ Ultra Vest is the result of collaboration with Scott Jurek, the world’s most dominant ultra runner. Weighing in at 11 ounces (16.5 with bottles) and offering 7.0 L of storage space, the SJ has the best weight-to-capacity ratio of any hydration pack on the market.

Scott Jurek

Scott Jurek: "I’ve been using Ultimate Direction packs for years, modifying them to carry bottles in front…the Ultra Vest is the culmination.”

PB Adventure Vest

PB Adventure Vest Buy Now

Peter Bakwin wanted a pack that could do anything from running to hiking, climbing to skiing. Featuring 11 L of volume and a variety of features, The Adventure Vest allows you to stay hydrated and comfortable on any size adventure from quick outings to all-day expeditions.

Peter Bakwin

Peter Bakwin: "The Adventure Vest is the pack I’ve always wanted but wasn’t available… until now!”

Check out the race vest selection online at Outside Sports or Outside Sports Wanaka.

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