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A Handshake with the Mountain

A Handshake with the Mountain

By: Richie

There are some uncomfortable feelings in the world of snowsports that are easily avoidable. Why compromise your day gliding through the sweetest snow when your boots are uncomfortable? Imagine a sloppy hand-shake with the mountain, it leaves you with an awkward feeling and it’s downhill from there. That feeling of slop is exactly what I feel when my boots need to be replaced. Fortunately there is a solution to get a better feel for the mountain and make sure your relationship with it is a positive one. 

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It is crucial that every part of your foot is supported so that you can transfer movements to your equipment. The age old cause and effect methodology stands true here. If you make an adjustment with your lower leg, there needs to be a direct response to your board. To ensure this, a perfect mould of my foot was made to ensure the footbed would match perfectly to my hobbit-feet. 

footbed blog outside sports nz

It is always a pleasure to meet up with Kazu at the Wanaka store and help me with my boot fit. Because I spend approximately 25 hours a week in my boots, mostly on Treble Cone, having a simple yet effective approach to making sure I never get pressure points is important to me. Kazu chose a snowboard boot specific inner sole for me and the fitting took place. 15 minutes later I knew that I was going to get the most out of my new Solomon Malamute boots and my ‘hand-shake’ with the mountain would be a pleasure… Bring on tomorrow!

footbed blog outside sports nz


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