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Cycling Across Antarctica on a FatBike

Antarctica Traverse by Fat Bike.

To benefit victims of HIV and Aids in Africa, Kate Leeming, Australian professional tennis player, is going to attempt to become the first person to cross Antarctica by bike via the South Pole next year.

Kate Leeming to Bike Antarctica Outside Sports Blog NZ

Kate has already biked for causes across Africa- to raise awareness for those living in poverty and illness, Australia- to support education for sustainability development, and Siberia- to help children harmed by the Chernobyl catastrophe; equalling a total riding distance of two trips around the world at the Equator.

Kate has a custom made, heavy-duty AWD Fat Bike, equipped with 4-inch tyres, built especially for the Antarctic terrain. Built by the inventor of the All-Wheel Drive Mountain bike- Steve Christini.

Kate Leeming to Bike Antarctica Outside Sports Blog NZ

In preparation for Antarctica Kate has been training in Spitsbergen, Norway with the custom built Fat Bike in temperatures of -22 degrees. She is intending to ride across Greenland for her final training session.

Kate will be accompanied by highly experienced polar guide Eric Phillips, award-winning documentary filmmaker Claudio von Planta, and photographer/videographer Phil Coates, who worked in the Arctic back in 2011.

Kate Leeming to Bike Antarctica Outside Sports Blog NZ

Kate is currently looking for ways to fund the trip, and is campaigning for the app Charity Miles, (RED), which allows people to raise money for HIV and AIDS victims in Africa by running, walking, or biking at no monetary cost to them (corporate sponsors pledge to donate per mile of each user). For more detail visit Kate's website.

Watch footage from Kate's practice rides:

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