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Buyers Guides - Biking and Cycling

Outside Sports buyers guides for Biking and Cycling provides you with information from the experts about the gear you need for Biking and Cycling. Find out how to clean and maintain your bike and learn more about different gear to help you enjoy your next ride whether it's Downhill, Road or Cross Country cycling. Outside sports have been adventure experts since 1995 and have a wealth of knowledge about Biking and Cycling. If you can't find the information you are looking for please contact us, our Bike specialists are on hand all year round to help you make the right choices for you. 

outside sports buyers guide bike cleaning & maintenance   

Outside Sports Guide to Bike Cleaning & Maintenance

Poorly shifting gears or malfunctioning brakes can take a ride from a dream run to nightmare material! Keeping the stead running smooth is not just important for maximising your enjoyment of the ride, but also saves you money by increasing longevity of parts and saves you time by reducing those frustrating trail side maintenance stops. 

Learn more about Bike cleaning & maintenance >>

Bike cleaning & maintenance >

Outside Sports Buyers Guide Hydration Packs Biking NZ

Outside Sports Guide to Packs & Hydration Packs whilst Biking

Whether you are heading out into the hills on a trail ride or clocking up kilometres on the road, it pays to be prepared. This means taking with you water or hydration solution, warm clothes and/or jacket, spare parts, tools, money, phone and of course...snacks! 


Learn more about Day packs and Hydration Packs for Biking >>

Hydration Packs whilst Biking >

Outside Sports Buyers Guide Specialized Body Geometry Fit

Specialized Body Geometry Fit with Outside Sports

Whether you are a beginner or an expert rider, everyone can benefit from a Body Geometry Bike Fit session to help improve your riding and make your bike work for you. The Body Geometry concept and Fit process is the most complete system to help a rider become one with their bike. Available at Outside Sports Wanaka and Queenstown.


Learn more about Specialized Body Geometry Fit >>

Specialized BG Fit >

Bike Buyers Guide Flat v Clip pedals Outside Sports NZ

Clip v Flat Bike pedals with Outside Sports

Here we discuss the pros of both Clip pedals for biking and Flat pedals, providing cyclist experience and information that will aid your decision on which you should be using on your bike to complement your cycling ability and style.


Learn more about Clips and Flats >>

Clips v Flats >

Bike Saddle Buyers Guide Outside Sports NZ

Bike Saddles with Outside Sports

A poorly designed or poorly fitting bike saddle can cause numbness and sore spots and is probably one of the single most common reasons for people giving up on cycling, be it on road biking or trail biking. As one of the three contact points between bike and rider, your enjoyment of biking relies upon finding a bike saddle that is right for you.


Learn more about Bike Saddles >>

Bike Saddles >

Outside Sports Buyers Guide Queenstown Cycle Trails NZ

Queenstown Bike Trails with Outside Sports

Nestled among the mighty Southern Alps, Queenstown has a diverse range of easily accessible trails making it a premium location for mountain bike adventures. Whether you are after a world class gnarly downhill race track, an epic back country trail ride or a scenic spin that the family can join you on, Queenstown has it all. 


Cycle Trails in Queenstown >>

Queenstown Bike Trails >

Bike trails Wanaka Outside Sports NZ

Wanaka Bike Trails with Outside Sports

Wanaka is known for its breath taking untouched scenery. With over 750kms of mountain bike tracks to choose from, there is something for everyone including plenty of family-friendly off-road trails by the lakes, rivers or through the forest. 


Cycle Trails in Wanaka >>

Wanaka Bike Trails >

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