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Buyers Guides - Hiking and Camping

Find out more about hiking and camping gear from the experts. Outside Sports specialists in hiking and camping gear have shared their knowledge so that you can find out what hiking gear you need to choose the right hiking gear for your next hike. Whether you are camping for the first time or an experienced camper there are always new gadgets and new camping equipment that will enhance your camping trip. Find out from our experts what you need for hiking and camping in New Zealand and overseas from hiking boots to camping gear, Outside Sports has it all. 

outside sports guide to buying hiking boots

A Guide to Buying Hiking Boots - By Outside Sports Hiking Boots Experts

The comfort of your feet is essential to make sure that you enjoy your hiking experience. Choosing the right hiking boots for the terrain and for your feet is important to make sure that your hiking boots fit well and last you for many hiking trips to come. Outside Sports have been experts in outdoor adventure sports since 1995 and through our buyers guides we hope to share our knowledge with you to help you choose the right hiking boots for you. 

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A Guide to Buying Hiking Boots >

Hiking packs buyers guide Outside Sports NZ

A Guide to Buying Hiking Packs - By Outside Sports Hiking Bag Experts

Finding the right tramping pack for your adventures can be a bit overwhelming with the endless options out there. A pack that feels comfortable at first can turn into a nightmare after a long days hiking so it is important to get one that fits you properly and we are here to help you find the right one. 

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A Guide to Buying Hiking Packs >

How to wash a sleeping bag Outside Sports NZ

How to Wash your Sleeping Bag - Advice from Marmot

See these guidelines for information to protect and care for your Sleeping Bag. A top tip to increase the lifespan of your sleeping bag is to use a sleeping bag liner and spot clean marks on the outside with a damp cloth, to reduce the need to wash your sleeping bag. 

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How to wash your sleeping bag >

Blackwolf Outside Sports NZ

Sleeping Bag Temperature ratings explain- By Blackwolf

See these guidelines for information on Sleeping Bag ratings. Choose a sleeping bag that is suitable for the coldest conditions you expect to use it for, you can open the sleeping bag up to cool down but a cold uncomfortable night can ruin a camping trip.

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Sleeping bag ratings >

Outside Sports NZ Buyers Guide Socks

Merino vs Synthetic Socks advice from Outside Sports

Part of a good combination with fit of footwear, socks ensure warmth, comfort and performance of hiking boots, running shoes, ski and snowboard boots. There are various pros and cons that make up the argument of whether to wear Merino wool or Synthetic socks during sporting activity. 

Merino vs Synthetic Socks >>

Merino vs Synthetic Socks >>

Luci Lamp Solar Inflatable light Outside Sports NZ

Luci inflatable Solar Lights

Luci lights are waterproof, shatterproof, inflatable solar lights that have been created by MPOWERD, a US based B Corp. MPOWERD created Luci with the goal of making an affordable clean energy product that people could use to bring light to their lives. 

Luci solar lamp >>

Luci solar lamp >>

camelbak cleaning outside sports nz

Cleaning and Use of Your CamelBak Reservoir

The best way to care for your reservoir is to clean it with soap and water and dry it thoroughly after every use, especially if you fill it with anything other than water. You can store your empty reservoirs in the freezer to keep them from getting funky between uses. However, if your reservoir has become mouldy or gross, here’s what to do:


How to Clean Your Reservoir>>

How to Clean Your Reservoir>>

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