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Ski and Snowboard Tuning

Ski and Snowboard Tuning with Outside Sports Ski and Snowboard Workshop

What does a tune-up do for your skis or snowboard and what effect will this have on your skiing or riding?

Over time the base and bottom edges of your ski or snowboard begin to wear down, becoming "dull" and "burred" resulting in your gear not performing as it should and thus affecting your personal performance on the snow. Keep your skis and snowboard performing how it should by having sharp edges, a flat and waxed base to suit the snow conditions. Outside Sports Ski and Snowboard Workshops in Queenstown and Wanaka provide precise ski and snowboard tuning and repairs. Our qualified team of international technicians use their tuning skills to ensure that your equipment gives you the ultimate performance.

Outside Sports Ski and Snowboard workshop use one or more of the following specialised tuning methods; by hand, a belt grinder, a stone grinder and a ceramic disc to tune your skis and snowboard to the performance level and snow condition characteristic, providing a perfectly tuned ski or snowboard to meet your requirements.

Using these methods allow the Outside Sports ski technicians at our ski and snowboard workshops to flatten the ski base, bevel and sharpen the edges and put a structure into the base which allows for various turn and glide characteristics for various snow conditions, ultimately providing you with full control, grip and performance on the snow.

Ski & Snowboard Workshop Outside Sports NZ

How often should you tune your gear?

Maintaining your skis or snowboard will prolong the life of your gear and is vital to the performance of your equipment. If you notice your skis or snowboard aren't gripping as well, initiating a turn as easily, sliding on the snow as fast, you've waited too long for a tune. A general rule of thumb is to wait no more than 6-8 days for a tune.

You’ll find that you don’t need to tune your skis or snowboard as much when skiing powder snow. However New Zealand skiing conditions consist of generally hard pack and some artificial snow. If you ski or snowboard on cold icy snow consider the general rule of thumb and get a tune up every 6-8 skiing days.

It's not advisable or ideal, but at the very least you should bring your skis and snowboard in for a tune twice a year. Once at the beginning of the season (Outside Sports Queenstown offer an early bird 50% off tuning just before the season starts*), and once at the end of the season. It may seem questionable to bring in you equipment at the end of the season but don't hide them away to get rusty edges. A storage wax will protect the pores in the base and can help prolong the life of your equipment.

Ski & Snowboard workshop Outside Sports NZ

Montana Snow Cruiser Max, Outside Sports Ski & Snowboard Workshop NZ.

How often should you wax your gear?

You can never wax your skis or snowboard too much, but it is important to have them waxed properly in relation to the snow temperatures. Outside Sports ski and snowboard workshop will match to the correct wax temperature range to suit the current snow conditions, ensuring efficient performance. By waxing your skis or snowboard they become hydrophobic, meaning that they will repel water. The more hydrophobic your skis or snowboard the faster they will be and easier to turn. Wax reduces friction, drag and the build up of snow particles on the base which can cause a sticky feeling in warmer snow conditions. Our ski technicians at Outside Sports suggest getting your skis or snowboard waxed every couple of days for the ultimate performance. To understand when you need a wax asses your equipment by looking at the base of your skis or snowboard, if it looks dry or cloudy your skis need to be waxed.

Ski & snowboard workshop Outside Sports NZ

Montana Wax Future, state of the art infrared hot waxer. Outside Sports NZ.

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What is detuning?

Detuning is often performed on a ski or snowboard when the first arrive from the factory. The edges are dulled and rounded in selected areas of the tip and tail, this is popular amongst park riders as it can make for a "looser" feel. It is advised that you test the ski or snowboard out on the slopes before making any detuning decisions and then take it gradually. Remember you can always detune more but it's a lot harder to sharpen detuned edges.

Taking down the sharp tip and tail edges are greatly beneficial in reducing the chance of injuring yourself by the ski edge slicing or cutting you in a fall.


Tuning options at Outside Sports Ski and Snowboard Workshop:

Whether your skis or snowboard are in need of a wax, edge, sharpening or precision tune, head to Outside Sports. Overnight service, repeat-service discounts and special deals through the season.

Ski workshop Queenstown Outside Sports NZ

Workshop Rates 


Performance Hot Wax $15


Standard Tune

(edge and wax)


Junior Standard Tune

(skis under 140cm)


Performance Tune

(Edge Sharpen, Crystal Glide Finish & Hot Wax)


Junior Performance Tune

(Edge Sharpen, Crystal Glide Finish & Hot Wax)


Race / Competition Tune

(Hand-Tuned Edges, Diamond Stone Finish, P-Tex Base Damage, Crystal Glide, Race Structure, Race Wax/Fluoro Overlay)



Core Shots & P-Tex Base Welding from $10
Mounting Bindings from $35
Helicoils & Inserts from $25
Edge Repair from $40
Base Patching from $40

Opening Hours:

Queenstown Ski Workshop

Open June 2nd - October 30th* (Season depending)

Everyday from 9.00am - 8.00pm

*Ski mounting and waxing is available all year round


Ski Workshop Wanaka Outside Sports NZ

Workshop Rates


Performance Hot Wax $20


Standard Tune

(Edge Sharpen & Hot Wax)


Performance Tune

(Edge Sharpening, Crystal Glide Finish & Hot Wax ).


Full Tune

(P-Tex, Crystal Glide Finish, Edge Sharpening & Hot Wax)



Core Shot & Extra P-Tex from $15
Mounting Bindings from $35
Helicoils & Inserts from $25
Edge Repair from $40
Base Patching
from $40

Opening Hours:

Wanaka Ski Workshop

Open June 1st- October 30th (Season depending)

Everyday from 8.30am - 6.00pm


Can we Fix it?- Yes we can. Check out our Ski Technicians blog- step by step core shot repair.

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