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NutriBombs by RebelFood

Local Queenstown company, RebelFood was born after one of the founders really struggled to find healthy, convenient snacks during their training for the Queenstown Marathon. They were frustrated by the volume of snack food products that flood the health food market made with thousands of synthetic ingredients and artificial additives and frustrated but the fact that the focus seemed to be on company profit rather than nutrition. RebelFood has since been built on the belief that snack food products made from real ingredients need to be brought back into the market, along with a focus on nutrition education.

nutribomb rebelfood outside sports nz


They set out to create something that would put all of the fake health food companies to shame. Their philosophy: every product must be gluten free, dairy free, additive & preservative free and must contain only natural sugar. Everything must be 100% beneficial to the human body and must serve a genuine purpose. This means that every ingredient in every product has a role to play and has been included for a reason. Whether it's topping up vitamins, relaxing, running a marathon, practicing yoga, all bases are covered. And to top it all off, everything is raw. No heat is used in the making of their products, so all of the nutrients that are in the ingredients to start with make it into your body to work for your benefit.

nutribomb rebelfood outside sports nz


NutriBombs, “explosions of raw nutrition” are currently their main product line. Raw balls of fruits, nuts, seeds and super foods, using real 100% fruit powders to give an amazing fresh and tangy flavour to each mouthful. They go through 5 weeks of testing each and even put them through the Massey University Nutritional Lab. This makes sure that NutriBombs are exactly what they are made for and that they will benefit your body like no fake snack bar can.

Join the Uprising!

The tag line “Join the Uprising” represents their rise against the fake health companies and their fight for real and nutritious food. They think that you'll struggle to find any snack product in the country that is better for you. No matter who you are or what you do, there is a NutriBomb for you!

nutribomb rebelfood outside sports nz


Lemon, Lime & Goji - If Yoga or light exercise is your thing, we've got it covered. Filled with relaxing, mood enhancing nutrients and enough energy to get the best out of your Bridge Pose, Downward Dog or Morning Stroll.


Strawberry & Mint - Triathlons, Marathons, Mountain Biking, Match Day, Long Hikes, Long lasting exercise and more! With the lack of rubbish in our Endurance, we can provide you with long lasting energy, nutrients for muscular repair, blood support and an immune system boost. We know you're a Warrior, let us treat you like one.


Apricot & Blackcurrant - We believe in giving you the real nutrients you need, whether it be game day, a gym workout or a long day at work, Performance will give you longer lasting energy, which is boosted by the nutrients your body needs for exerting power, building strength and preventing your brain from crashing.


Cacao & Strawberry - No matter whether your exercise is easy or hard, your body will be desperate for help in recovering. With the help of re-hydration, this NutriBomb will aid the repair of your body, keeping you fighting fit and stronger for longer.

nutribomb rebelfood outside sports nz


Available for purchase in store at Outside Sports Queenstown.

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