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The Te Araroa Trail


If you’re planning to walk our Te Araroa Trail this year good on you. It will be the challenge of a lifetime!


Outside Sports has stores in Tekapo, Wanaka, Queenstown and Te Anau as well as an extensive online store for you. Each summer we see many  Te Araroa Trail walkers in our stores and each and every one of them have a fantastic story to tell of their experiences out on the trail.


With regards to clothing and equipment the following notes highlight what you should be thinking about when choosing gear for the Trail.


Please note that the biggest issue we see in our stores with walkers out on the trail is their footwear, so choose carefully! In particular with footwear sizing. You will be on your feet for many long days so make sure that your footwear is at least ½ size bigger than you would normally wear. Also think about having a spare pair as part of your resupplies.


First think about function and safety. Then consider weight. This will help with choosing gear.

A full kit, including everything you may wear and carry for any situation might comprise:

Pack and pack liner.

Shelter - a tent or bivy bag, or a tarp, pegs and emergency blanket for use as a groundsheet.

Sleeping - Sleeping pad, sleeping bag and silk liner.

Clothes for upper body - short sleeve top (mostly to walk in), long sleeve top, (mostly for camp), fleece, waterproof jacket, woollen hat, sun hat, gloves.

Clothes for lower body - shorts, waterproof trousers, long johns, 2 pairs of socks, boot or shoes.

Food and water-related equipment - stove, pot, fuel, spoon, water bottle, and/or hydration system, a water filter, lighter or matches.

Navigation and safety - maps, guidebook, compass, GPS, spare batteries, personal location beacon, headlamp, walking poles.

Repairs - duct tape, needle, dental floss (for teeth and thread), knife.

Personal care - hand towel or cotton bandana, sunscreen, lip balm, toothbrush and paste, toilet paper, sanitizing hand gel, first aid kit, plastic rubbish bag, hiker’s wool, sunglasses.

Miscellaneous - money, credit/debit cards.

Food and water - enough to get between resupply points. We stock Back Country Foods and Radix (from October 21 onwards) in our stores and online.

A trowel and/or poo pot - for thoughtful disposal of toileting waste. Please do not poo outside and leave it there for future walkers to encounter.

Dry bags for your sleeping bag and change of clothes.

  • Resupplying kit

Our stores are only too happy to take stock orders for Trail Walkers and to keep these orders ready for pick up in the appropriate store.

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