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QALO silicone rings

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At QALO®, we think marriage is awesome and family is everything! Our aim from the beginning was to ensure we created a community and fueled a lifestyle centered around family.

After all, that's how we live our lives! Whether you’re committed to a spouse or an expanding family, we’re certain that when you focus on your family, everything aligns.  




The defining attribute of the world’s best products. With innovative items and exemplary customer service, QALO provides the highest degree of excellence.


An athletic life is a healthy life. QALO believes that to have a balanced lifestyle, you should incorporate active movements every day.


Marriage and family are not limitations, but the essential pursuit of the best in life. QALO believes your family & friends are your biggest fans and the ones that make celebrating success that much sweeter.


The outdoors is life’s greatest playground. QALO believes you should get outside and explore the most that life has to offer.


Found the perfect QALO ring, but aren't sure what size to order? 


How Do I Find My Ring Size at Home?

 It’s actually easier than it sounds! All you need to do is measure the circumference of your finger, and then compare it against our ring size guide below.


What Do I Need to Find My Ring Size in?

 Just a flexible tape measure and a pen. If you don’t have one, a piece of string and a ruler will work just fine.


How Do I Measure My Ring Size with a Measuring Tape?

 Using a measuring tape (or piece of string, to be measured against a ruler later) is an accurate way to find your ring size in inches. Wrap the measuring tape around the base of your finger. You want the tape to feel snug, but not tight. Use a pen to mark the tape or cut the small piece of string. Then, simply measure the string, or see how many millimeters it took to wrap around your finger. Finally, simply reference our easy ring size chart to find your perfect QALO ring size.


Note: The best time to try this is at the end of the day, when your fingers are likely to be at their largest.


What Should I Do if I’m in Between Ring Sizes?

 If you are in between ring sizes, we recommend sizing up if you’re between sizes and ordering a classic QALO ring. Due to the silicone our rings are made of the sizing is slightly different than what you would typically purchase. If you’re ordering from our Q2X, Athletics, or perforated lines, we recommend sizing down.


What Do I Need to Know About QALO Rings?

 While our rings won’t shrink, it is possible that they could stretch over time. We’ve designed a return and exchange policy that can help take the guesswork out of online ordering. If your ring doesn’t fit, you can obtain a refund within 30 days. Exchanges are available for 60 days. We also have a 1-year warranty on all of our rings to protect against any potential ripping or breaking.


QALO Ring Size Guide

 If your QALO ring size seems like it could be one of two sizes, choose the larger size. If you already know your ring size but are unsure of what that equates to in QALO sizing, please reference the chart below.



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