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Head Radical OS Ltd L3 Tennis Racquet

This is an impressive racquet. If you want one of these as a collectable, you've got to get one to hit with, too. Our entire team enjoyed the solid response from all areas of the court offered by this racquet. Going head to head with other current oversize offerings, the Agassi Radical Limited Edition consistently came out ahead. A high level of comfort, controllable power and good access to spin on groundstrokes and serves combined with impressive stability and a forgiving response on volleys and returns. Those accustomed to lighter racquets might find the weight to take some getting used to, but once adjusted, one finds added comfort and a solid feel that's hard to beat. We found the poly string a good fit for the racquet, with an impressive blend of power and control coming from the stringbed. Players seeking even more comfort and/or power can try juicing things up with a multifilament string or natural gut. As for us, we like it just the way Agassi likes it, complete with poly string, a blue overgrip and a rubber band dampener.

Style number: SQ2370283

Head Radical OS Ltd L3 Tennis Racquet


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    > Beam: 21 mm 
    > Head size: 690 cm2 
    > Weight: 320 g 
    > Length: 685mm
    > String pattern: 18/19
    > Strung with Ultra Tour (silver)
    > incl. Andre Agassi Dampener
    > incl. Agassi Pro Overgrip   
    > incl. original signature (Andre Agassi)
    > incl. serial number 

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