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Atomic Hawx Prime 130 S Ski Boots

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The Prime builds off the popular Atomic Hawx Ultra construction, but in a roomier mid-volume fit. Prolite construction utilizes lighter materials in less critical zones while beefing... Read more
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The Prime builds off the popular Atomic Hawx Ultra construction, but in a roomier mid-volume fit. Prolite construction utilizes lighter materials in less critical zones while beefing up areas that transfer power, a winning formula for weight to strength ratio. The Power Shift feature allows you to change the forward lean with one simple screw while the cuff pivots give 3° of rotation. This all helps your bootfitter to dial in the fit. Once again raising the bar of what's possible, Atomic's new Mimic Platinum liner adapts inside and out perfectly to the shape of the users foot through moulding. 3M™ Thinsulate Insulation will keep you warm on the coldest days and with plenty of fine adjustments, this boot can be dialed in to your exact needs.


Prolite is a way of building skis and boots that turns traditional thinking on its head. Instead of starting with a standard construction and cutting material away to save weight, Prolite does the opposite. It starts with the slimmest possible profile and then it builds up reinforcements in key areas where strength is needed – like the Energy Backbone down each boot spine and ski edge.

True Flex

It’s common to hear that boots stiffen up when it gets cold, or become softer in warm conditions. True Flex is an exclusive Atomic shell material that means your flex and feel remains constant in a variety of temperatures. So the boot you buy in store feels the same on the mountain, you don’t lose horsepower in the spring and you don’t have a boot you can’t flex mid-winter.

Energy Backbone

The Energy Backbone is a reinforced, asymmetric backbone that provides extra strength for powerful skiing plus enhanced lateral energy transmission for better edge grip.

Power Shift

On our Hawx Ultra, Hawx Prime and Hawx Magna boots the forward lean can be adjusted to 13° or 15° or 17° simply by moving the power control up and down. You can also alter the flex index by +/- 10 flex points by adding or removing a screw. For a completely personalized set-up.

Mimic Liner

The heel, ankle and tongue of the Mimic liner feature a layer of supportive, heat-moldable material. After being softened in the oven, this material mimics the precise shape of your foot, and hardens in that shape for a perfect custom fit.

Memory Fit

Atomic Memory Fit is one of the quickest heat-fitting technologies around. The key is Memolink, our special additive that improves the moldability and stretch characteristics of our plastics. Thanks to this, all three elements of the boot can adapt to the foot – shell, cuff and liner. 

Customization Shell: Memory Fit
Soles: Dual Density Cantable Grip Pads
Shell: Polyurethane
Cuff: True Flex Polyurethane
Liner: Mimic Platinum Liner with Thinsulate
Buckles: 6000 Series Alu Buckle
Spoiler: Liner Spoiler
Powerstrap: 50mm Velcro Strap
Forward Lean: 13º - 17º