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Topo Map 50 Milford Sound Piopiotahi CA08

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The Topo Map 50 Milford Sound Piopiotahi CA08 is a detailed topographic map specifically focusing on the Milford Sound Piopiotahi area in New Zealand. It offers comprehensive geographical information, featuring contour lines, elevation details, terrain, and landmarks. This map, labeled CA08, provides precise insights into the landscape, trails, water bodies, and natural features within the region. Ideal for hikers, explorers, and researchers, it offers a three-dimensional view of the area's topography, aiding in navigation, adventure planning, and detailed understanding of the terrain for various purposes within the Milford Sound Piopiotahi area.


  • Detailed topographic representation
  • Focuses on Milford Sound Piopiotahi area in New Zealand
  • Displays contour lines for elevation variations
  • Provides terrain and land feature information
  • Specific details on trails and paths
  • Highlights water bodies and natural landmarks
  • Useful for hikers, explorers, and researchers
  • Offers a three-dimensional view of the landscape
  • Aids in navigation and adventure planning within the area

Technical Specifications
  • Scale: 1:50,000
  • Coverage: Milford Sound Piopiotahi area in New Zealand
  • Contour Interval: Typically 20 meters
  • Geographic Information: Detailed terrain features, elevation data, and land contours
  • Landmarks: Includes trails, water bodies, natural features, and specific landmarks
  • Dimensions: Standard topographic map size (varies based on publisher)
  • Coordinates: Coordinates and grid references for precise location determination
  • Legend: Clear legend for symbols, terrain representation, and map key
  • Publisher: Indicates the organization or agency responsible for map production
  • Edition/Version: Specifies the version or edition of the map for accuracy and updates

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Customer reviews

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