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Should you hire skis / snowboards or buy them?

Many people question whether to buy or hire skis and snowboard equipment. The question that really needs to be highlighted is weather you need to buy Skis or snowboard equipment at all? Whilst most people begin by renting ski equipment for their first time, people begin to ask the question of when to buy their own ski equipment, the answer for this depends on numerous factors of which are weighed up in the following comments.

To answer this question we need to go over a few factors about our skiing or snowboarding level, ability and how many times we spend each year skiing or snowboarding.

If you are a complete beginner then it really is unnecessary to buy your own ski equipment. Ski hire shops will have you in the best rental ski equipment with the correct fitting ski or snowboard equipment to help you learn, thus helping you determine if you like the sport or not. With skiing or snowboarding there’s really is no point in having: “all the gear, but no idea”.

The question for those intermediate to advanced skiers lies on the bench, the benefit of hiring ski equipment means that you get to try the latest ski or snowboard gear and you also have more variety to suit the conditions. However if you are spending or living an entire season in the snow then you are probably financially better to purchase your own ski or snowboard equipment, the benefits here being that it’s probably cheaper than an entire season ski hire (I say probably as it depends on how many Skis/Snowboards you buy).

Another benefit is that you get used to your own ski equipment and you also don’t need to spend time in the ski hire shop when you could be out on the ski slopes. However if you do buy ski equipment, it’s highly recommended that you research and demo as much equipment as possible beforehand and talk to the experts to determine what gear is right for you. It’s unlikely that you will get 1 set of skis or snowboard to suit everything so it may be the case to purchase 2 or more skis. If you only spend a few weeks holidaying at a ski resort every year then there’s no need to purchase your own ski or snowboard equipment. The first point being that ski equipment dates quickly as new technology and design are introduced. The money you spend on purchasing your own skis or snowboard would probably be greater to that of the ski hire period, and you are guaranteed to get top quality, new season ski hire at the store. We also need to look into the airline charges to overall determine if the cost is beneficial, and the risk of damage when transporting personal ski equipment. Another bonus to hiring skis is that you don’t need to worry about ski maintenance as it’s all done for you!

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Ski boots come to a different side of the questions. Ski and snowboard boots undoubtedly are the first and most important part of your ski equipment purchase; therefore it is advisable to buy your own ski boots. Whilst ski hire shops do have a selection of different ski boots; makes, flexes, width and buckles, a rental ski boot will never be a perfect fit because they need to accommodate various different shaped feet. With the help of a ski boot fitting expert you can, believe it or not, be considerably comfortable in your ski boots. Experts will help determine which ski boot is best for you and with ever increasing technology the ski boot can be fitted exactly to your foot, allowing cuff adjustment/canting, moulded footbeds, moulded liners, “blow out” and tight spots or rubbing on bone spurs and even vacuum shells all resulting in supported feet and improvement in your skiing technique and ability. The biggest part of your skiing comfort relies on your boots and so it is advisable to buy your own pair if you are at an intermediate or higher level and wish to ski a fair amount. Once you have a correct fitting ski boot it’s as simple as choosing what ski you want for the day.

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