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About Outside Sports

Outside Sports have more than 25 years of experience in outdoor adventure sports!

Outside Sports is open seven days a week to provide world-class in-store and online retail, rentals and workshop services for snow sports, bike and outdoor adventure sports. Our product range covers various outdoor sports, including skiing, snowboarding, biking, camping, climbing, mountaineering, running, fishing, water sports, and everything you could need for adventuring in New Zealand.

To maintain highly motivated and experienced employees that are passionate about the sports that they do and the technical equipment and clothing that we sell. Outside Sports are dedicated to providing professional and excellent service to our customers and brand associates.

We strive to be the most reliable business partner and provider to both our associates and customers to retain their confidence and loyalty each day. We hope to provide all of our valued customers with the most effective products, equipment and/or services so that they can then obtain the greatest comfort and enjoyment with all of their experiences out in the great outdoors.

Our workplace environment needs to be both stimulating and energetic for our employees to utilise their skills and abilities, allowing them to reach their highest potential and pass on the best possible service.

Invest in quality brands that provide the latest leading-edge technologies and designs to allow our customers to be the best equipped for the sports that they do. To seek out the latest local, domestic and international industry news to maintain our premier position in the marketplace.

To be innovative and proactive in our creative marketing, to ensure that our store is known to the right communities and service providers. Participate in local sports and events in the community to engage our customers through brand awareness and social media. Employing knowledgeable, creative, and passionate staff members who know that each and every role is vital for our company to succeed.

Our Story


In 1995, Outside Sports was founded in the Adventure Capital of the World, Queenstown, New Zealand, by husband and wife John and Judy Knight. They moved to Queenstown to open their first Outdoor sports shop with Craig Wanty, with the vision to create a unique, specialized outdoor sports shop that was dramatically different from any existing store in Queenstown. They wanted to share their passion for the outdoors and help create the best experience by providing all the essential gears you could need or dream of, offering a wide and complete product range exclusively devoted to outdoor adventure sports. Ever since its creation and over the years, Outside Sports never stopped growing new projects and collaborators, shop locations changes and extensions, events, athlete’s partnerships, new brand launches, and many more.


In 2009, the company merged with Te Anau Sports (previously owned by John Greaney) and Good Sports Wanaka (owned by Peter King), further increasing the company identity within the Southern Lakes of New Zealand region. In 2017, Darren and Floortje Grimmett came on board to share their passion and vision for the company.


In February 2021, the company is proud to announce the growth of the Outside Sports family further North with the launch of its new store centrally located in Tekapo.

Outside Sports is now owned by John and Judy Knight, Darren and Floortje Grimmett and Peter King, and includes five stores: Queenstown City Centre, Queenstown Airport, Te Anau, Wanaka and the newcomer Tekapo.

For all these beautiful moments spent together and all those that are yet to come, the entire Outside Sports team would like to thank you for your trust and your presence by our side for over 25 wonderful years and so many more yet to come!

We hope to see you in-store soon, or you can visit us online at anytime from anywhere in the world. Begin your adventure today.

Queenstown Outside Sports (2009), corner of The Mall & Camp St

Outside Sports truck (2008)

Floortje-Darren Grimmett John-Judy Knight in Tekapo Summer (2021)

New Outside Sports store in Tekapo (2021)