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Since they were founded by passionate climbers on the rugged west coast of Canada in 1989, Arc’teryx has been a driving force of innovation in the mountain sports apparel industry. Today Arc’teryx is synonymous with brilliant design and function. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key technical innovations that have made Arc’teryx so sought after among people who want the very best mountain adventure gear. 

Arc'teryx Hadron fabricarc'teryx Hardron fabric


This revolutionary fabric that’s as tough as fabric twice its weight has been developed and refined by Arc’teryx to redefine the standard of superlight durability. Hadron™ fabric is made by weaving an impossibly fine-gauge liquid crystal polymer, a material with exceptional mechanical strength, into already durable ripstop (reinforced gridded nylon) to create extremely high abrasion resistance. 

Arc'teryx dynamic seam placementArc'teryx dynamic seam placement

Dynamic Seam Placements  

Dynamic Seam Placement is one of the key factors in Arc’tetyx’ unique design ethos. They aim make gear that feels like it’s part of you, with no restriction of movement. Dynamic Seam Placements use bio-mechanical data from Arc’teryx athletes to strengthen high-wear areas and improve your natural range of motion. By optimizing where every seam goes Arc’teryx maximizes movement and joint articulation. Less is always more when it comes to moving through the mountains and Arc’teryx delivers high-performance garments that are refined to the seams that matter. 

Arc'teryx articulated fit

Articulated Fit 

E3D Patterning is a signature detail of many Ar’Teryx products. It allows you to move more naturally by mimicking the shape of your body. This has a major impact on your comfort, safety, and performance. For example, the seat and knees of Arc’teryx pants work together, providing room for range of motion without adding unnecessary material. The shoulders, back, and elbows of a shell jacket all affect one another. Tension from lack of articulation in any area could interfere with the function of a climbing harness, limit your reach, and expose you to the cold. The wrong shape creates resistance, making crouching or walking more difficult. 

Arc'teryx micro seam technology

Micro Seam Technology 

Microseams equal better mobility when you really need it. Reducing the width of seams means less weight, bulk, and material usage while increasing a product’s breathable surface area. The increased flexibility an Arc’teryx jacket gains from micro seams makes them less bulky and stiff, which in turn reduces fabric wear, snags and abrasions.  

Arc'teryx watertight zippers

WaterTight™ Zippers 

The invention of WaterTight™ Zippers by Arc’teryx was a true breakthrough in outdoor apparel. 

The breakthrough began by flipping the zipper inside out. This so-called reverse coil design reoriented the more tightly spaced inner surface of the zipper to face out, providing better protection from the elements. Once the zipper was flipped, the next step was to create a weather barrier that eliminated the need for flaps, tabs and snaps. By laminating the teeth and slider with a urethane coating, a zipper with a WaterTight™ seal was finally made possible. 

Arc'teryx StormHood


There are invisible layers of ingenuity and Arc’teryx DNA hiding beneath that seemingly simple StormHood™. A compression system works with a stovepipe shape to lock the hood into position and allow your head to twist and turn without obstructing your view. The laminated brim won’t collapse, crush or crease, and will still bounce back after being packed. 


Arc’teryx is exclusive to Outside Sports in Tekapo, Wanaka, Queenstown and Te Anau. We stock the full Arc'teryx range and it’s available now - instore and online. 

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