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Discover feedback below from previous customers of Outside Sports. It delights us to receive your feedback, especially when you’re stoked with your purchase. If you would like to send us your feedback about our website, customer service or products, simply fil in our contact form or email us on We look forward to hearing from you!

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10th August 2018

I love NZ – for so many reasons – I love the way you, as a country value and produce amazing products, not least Whittaker's chocolate, Mainland cheese not to mention all the other products and services NZ produce, I love that as a people you are friendly and honest and down to earth, no pretentiousness.

I love that you are a country that is in credit not debt.

As a professional photographer, I simply LOVE your incredibly beautiful landscapes both Nth and Sth Islands.

I love that you were one of the first countries to offer same sex marriage.

I love that you have a female PM, who has just had a baby – and as a people, you support that

I love that you value your indigenous community.

I love the Topp Twins

……and I love that when I ordered two pairs of socks online from you, it came beautiful packaged with a mintie lolly AND then, you added an additional pair of socks, free, nada, nothing.

Thank you. Thank you so much

I love NZ



9th August 2018

Thank you very much!

Not only did you have the kids icebreaker sphere hoodie in stock, but you delivered it half way around the world to Minnesota in no time!

There was candy and a thank you inside. My son opened it up and said “the people from New Zealand seem very nice, we should go there someday”.

I agreed



8th April 2014

Dear Judy & Team,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for my latest order of icebreakers.

The shirts are of course perfect. What's even more amazing is your unparalleled customer service. Opening up the package and reading your note put a big smile on my face-- thanks also for the tasty mints!

You and your dream team are fantastic. You really go the extra mile for your customers in ways unheard anywhere else. Allow me to spread the word :o)

Have a fabulous week & all the best,



28th February 2014

Hello outsidesports

Order arrived last Thurs, everything present and correct; very pleased (as always) with your prompt, efficient and friendly service.

Also thank you for the gift wrapping that was a nice touch.




5 November 2013

Thanks a lot. I love your service. It's like having a personal icebreaker shopper at my fingertips! I recommend you to all my friends! it's funny, as I bought my first icebreaker top at your shop in Wanaka 10 years ago on a visit...and the prices have not changed that much....!

Regards Stuart


22 October 2013

You are wonderful, thank you for all the excellent customer support.

Kind regards



27 September 2013

I just wanted to confirm the arrival of the parcel. I actually wore both items for my early morning bicycle ride. I was very comfortable during the whole 40 Km ride cycling through the hills without a third layer (wind shell). It was just under 10 degrees Celsius; it felt like having my own micro-climate (without the bulky garments).

I very much appreciated the gift idea and also your great service.

Many thanks and best regards !



23 September 2013

Hi Outside Sports,

just received your parcel with many thanks to you for professional and world’s best service.

Thank you very much



17 September 2013

I just received the Icebreaker top which I ordered, which is great, and thanks for the little 'Minties" surprise... it put a smile on my face!

Kind regards, Pina


5 May 2013

Dear the team at Outside Sports,

I have just received my new Canada Goose Granby Vest and wanted to write and let you know how impressed I am with the level of service given to me. Not only was this a speedy transaction, but I really appreciated the e-mails to let me know how my order was tracking. It was also extremely heartening to know that, if it wasn’t the right fit or cut, I could return it for a full refund. Another example of great service.

The Canada Goose vest is everything I hoped it would be, it fits perfectly, and arrived safely wrapped in the mail. The 2 Minties included on the despatch note were a fab touch too!

I shall be spreading the word to all my friends here in Aus about Outside Sports, and will definitely be ordering again from you guys. Thank you very much!

Warm regards,



19 April 2012

This one is amazing, we're glad the courier did such a great job.

Hey there Outside Sports,

I would like to send you a BIG FAT Thanks here. I ordered a present for my girlfriend. I am literally on other side of the planet and it went really smooth. In fact, it went way better than that. She had birthday yesterday and we talked over skype when she woke up... She didn't have a clue that I get her something.. suddenly a big van stopped outside and her room mate went to see what happened. Get pack with a "erm, there is a package for you".

So I have no idea how you made it, but I was sitting here in central Europe and I hear my girlfriend thousands of miles away getting total surprise, reading gift message and unpacking her present. And maybe cry a little too... Talk about luck :)

so really thank you for making this happen :)




5 March 2012

The price was great.. the package arrived so fast.. packed so nicely..

Great shopping experience.

Thank you,

Barak, Israel


21 January 2012

Many thanks. Its nice to have the personal touch from Outside Sports

Kind regards



5 January 2012

For what its worth, I wish every retailer on the planet (brick & mortar and web stores) would take a leaf from your book on customer service.

If you haven't written a book yet, you should, and it should be compulsory reading for anyone ever wanting to sell stuff ;)

I am truly grateful for all your help.



5 October 2011

Amazing amazing amazing quickness! Thank you. I have not tried the items on yet (as I am at work and under scrutiny) but I wanted to immediately share my gratitude for the amazing amazing amazing quickness!

Best and kind. Tiffany.


4 October 2011

Thanks so much for sending the Icebreaker items, and I look forward to receiving the remaining item when it is available. Many thanks also for being so prompt and for the quality of your service. It is lovely to deal with you Judy, and I appreciate your little note of thanks at the bottom of the receipt. It makes a difference, and therefore I buy Icebreaker clothes only through you.

I haven't been to Queenstown for a while but when we visit next, I'll make sure to say hello.

Warm Regards,



22 September 2011

My shirt arrived this morning – pretty amazing given I ordered this less than week ago from the other side of the world! In comparison, it takes a month to get anything delivered to the UK from the States.

So thanks for the great service and a great product – I’ve been an Icebreaker fan for a few years now. I especially liked the personalised note on the packing slip.

Best wishes from the UK



20 September 2011

I have received your parcel today. Phenomenal, excellent service! Thank you very much Outside Sports.

After some years of saving, I will make to to New Zealand in January and I will definitely stop by at your shop in Queenstown!




16 June 2011

I received my order today – my FIRST EVER online shopping experience – and I couldn’t be happier. Your web-site is great, delivery prompt and the goods are awesome! Thank you so much, I’m a very happy customer and will be sure to return!

Cheers, Karen



If you would like to send us your feedback about our website, customer service or products please email us on, we would love to hear from you.