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Do you think getting an e-bike would make you lazy? Well you might need to reconsider that because recent studies have shown that on average people who have electric bikes get more exercise than if they’d stuck to a traditional analogue bike. But that seems counter intuitive, so why is that? Let's find out.

E-bikes Are More Fun! 

Researchers have consistently found that e-bike riders tend to report that riding an electric bike is more enjoyable. When the activity is more fun, it leads to more time spent participating in the activity. In the case of riding a pedal assist e-bike, that means more time spent pedalling and exercising. 

A 2021 study by the American College of Sports Medicine found that: 

“Positive perceptions toward e-bike riding occurred in most participants, and qualitative analyses included perceptions of commuting with an e-bike as “easier” and “fun,” among other positive terms.” 

E-bike Riders Generally Ride Longer 

On average, e-bike riders typically ride for longer periods of time than pedal bike riders. Not only do they ride for longer more hours, but they log a lot more distance, too. So even though they’re getting some pedal assist, they’re still doing a lot more pedalling. 

The big factor seems to be that the electric motor takes some of the pain out of the harder parts of cycling like steep hills and head winds, so people aren’t put off and so get out more. 

Researchers have discovered that when riders find it easier, they tend to go on longer rides. A 2019 study of over 10,000 adults in seven countries found that the Metabolic Equivalent Task minutes per week was measurably higher for electric bike riders than for pedal bike riders. 

E-bike Riders Use Their Bikes More Often 

Studies have also found that electric bike riders tend to ride more consistently. For many riders, their e-bike has become their daily driver , replacing their car for their commute or running their daily errands. 

For others, e-bikes are purely recreational but their increased enjoyment means that riders take them out of the garage more often than pedal bikes. 

Tough Terrain is Easier on an Electric Bike 

Electric bike riders who take to trails will often attempt tougher climbs than they would on a pedal bike. E-bikes make riding uphill fun rather than a slog to be endured. 

Ride to New Places 

With e-power you’ll be able to access some amazing sights that would be out of reach with just leg power alone. The Southern Lakes has some incredible trails that lead to some of the world’s finest view, but often they can be a tough ask to get there. An ebike makes even long steep mountain trails approachable for way more people. 


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