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We’re very excited to welcome Forbidden bikes from Canada to Outside Sports in Queenstown. Named after Vancouver Island’s Forbidden Plateau – the founder’s local riding spot - Forbidden was established in 2019 and focusses on ride quality and performance above all else - through innovative suspension, geometry, materials, and construction. 

Experience the Druid V2 Magic Potion

Forbidden bikes Druid V2 at Outside Sports Queenstown

At Outside Sports we have a Druid V2 GX AS ready to go for sale and two Druid V2s available for you to demo and hire.

The Forbidden Druid is real wolf in sheep’s clothing. Its high pivot Trifecta suspension platform simultaneously generates predictable traction and playful pop while offering an otherworldly ability to devour chunky terrain. With geometry that effortlessly balances stability and agility, the Druid is a trail bike through and through. It's equally at home hammering out trail rides after work, ripping weekend shuttle laps, and crushing epic alpine traverses. It delivers pedal-all-day efficiency when you want it and tech-descent-tackling confidence when you need it. A short travel trail bike by definition, but a kilometer-crushing, chunder-devouring, fun machine when you want it to be. 

Now let’s a take a deep dive into Forbidden’s secret sauce – the Trifecta Suspension System and the One Ride philosophy. 

Trifecta Suspension System 

The Trifecta suspension system is as the name implies based on three integrated technologies. 

1. High Pivot 

Forbidden bikes high pivot suspension

The height of the main pivot within the suspension structure means the axle path has a fully rearward trajectory through its travel letting wheels move with, and not against the force of impact, for more composed ride in rough terrain. Lengthening the rear centre also stabilises the chassis during bigger hits and compressions. 

The level of anti-rise helps counter act fork dive for better stability under heavy braking. 

2. Rate Control System

Forbidden bikes rate control system

The rate control linkage is based on small links that see dramatic changes in velocity, which allows for independent tuning of the critical stages of the shocks compression. Forbidden’s system is supple off the top, yet remains open enough to absorb repetitive hits without harshness. 

You also get better bottom out resistance to with amazing ability to absorb big hits and landings that come out of nowhere. The result is a bike that outperforms other bikes with considerably more travel, and still can generate grip and pop. 

3. Idler Position 

Forbidden bikes idler wheel

The size and position of the idler pulley gives Forbidden bikes the awesome pedalling ability they’re known for. It give the ideal amount of anti-squat at sag to deliver super stable pedalling response, with virtually no kick back. It also means the suspension stays fully active for perfect traction on punchy technical climbs.

One Ride 

A core philosophy of Forbidden is that everyone who rides their bikes should experience a similar ride no matter how big or small they are. ‘Weight balance’ is the key because it governs the rider’s centre of gravity between the tyres contact patches. To make the ride similar for different sized people Forbidden use a scaled rear-centre measurement for each individual frame size – where many other bikes only use a single centre chain stay measurement across all frame sizes. 

Better Fit 

Along with scaled rear-centre lengths, Forbidden alter their actual seat angle, with each size getting steeper as frame size increases, ensuring taller riders have a great seating position. 

For the same reason Forbidden have larger than usual increases in head tube lengths. All these small but vital details ensure that you’ll feel instantly at home on a Forbidden bike. 

Demo (or better still, buy yourself 😁) the awesome new Forbidden Druid V2 now – exclusively at Outside Sports 9 Shotover Street Queenstown. 

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