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'23 Atomic Bent Chetler Mini(153-163) with Stage 11 GW

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The '23 Atomic Bent Chetler Mini (153-163) with Stage 11 GW bindings is a high-performance freestyle ski designed for young skiers. It offers a lightweight construction, responsive flex, and a symmetrical twin-tip shape for maneuverability and stability. The Stage 11 GW bindings provide excellent power transmission and versatility. Whether hitting jumps, carving groomers, or exploring off-piste, this ski setup encourages progression and creativity on the slopes, making it an ideal choice for young riders looking to push their limits.


Features of '23 Atomic Bent Chetler Mini:

  • Mini Freeride Shape: The Atomic Bent Chetler Mini features a specially designed mini freeride shape, making it ideal for young skiers who want to explore the backcountry and tackle challenging terrain. The shape provides excellent maneuverability and floatation, allowing for effortless turns and control in deep snow.
  • Dura Cap Sidewall: This ski is equipped with a Dura Cap sidewall construction, which combines a lightweight cap construction in the tip and tail with a durable sidewall underfoot. This design enhances the ski's overall durability while reducing weight, allowing young skiers to easily handle the ski in various conditions.
  • HRZN Tech: The HRZN Tech in the tip of the ski offers 10% more surface area compared to a traditional ski, providing enhanced floatation in powder snow. This technology ensures that young skiers can effortlessly ride through deep snow and experience a more stable and confident skiing experience.
  • Powder Rocker: The Atomic Bent Chetler Mini features a Powder Rocker profile, with an early rise in the tip and tail and camber underfoot. This combination offers excellent maneuverability and floatation in powder, allowing young skiers to effortlessly navigate through deep snow while maintaining control and stability.
  • Light Woodcore: The ski incorporates a lightweight woodcore that adds to the overall agility and maneuverability. This core ensures a lively and playful feel, allowing young skiers to easily initiate turns and adapt to changing snow conditions.

Features of Atomic Stage 11 GW Bindings:

  • GripWalk Compatibility: The Atomic Stage 11 GW bindings are compatible with the GripWalk system, offering skiers improved walking comfort and grip when off the slopes. This feature provides versatility and convenience, allowing skiers to move with ease and confidence in various terrains.
  • Multi Norm Certified: The bindings are Multi Norm Certified, meaning they are compatible with multiple ski boot sole standards. This allows skiers to use a wide range of ski boots with the bindings, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for different boot types.
  • Automatic Wing Adjustment: The bindings feature Automatic Wing Adjustment, which adapts to the skier's boot width automatically. This ensures a secure and precise fit, providing optimal power transmission and response while skiing.
  • Lightweight Construction: The Stage 11 GW bindings are constructed with lightweight materials, reducing overall weight without compromising durability or performance. This design allows skiers to experience a more agile and responsive feel, enhancing their skiing experience.
  • Easy Step-In/Out: The bindings are designed with an easy step-in/out mechanism, making it convenient for skiers to get in and out of the bindings quickly and effortlessly. This feature saves time and effort on the slopes, allowing skiers to focus more on enjoying their skiing adventures.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of '23 Atomic Bent Chetler Mini:

  • Length options: 133 cm, 143 cm, 153 cm
  • Dimensions (tip/waist/tail): 109/68/95 mm (133 cm), 113/70/99 mm (143 cm), 117/72/103 mm (153 cm)
  • Turn radius: 13 m (133 cm), 14 m (143 cm), 15 m (153 cm)
  • Weight per ski: 1300 g (133 cm), 1450 g (143 cm), 1600 g (153 cm)
  • Construction: Dura Cap Sidewall
  • Core: Light Woodcore
  • Rocker profile: Powder Rocker (early rise tip and tail, camber underfoot)
  • Technology: HRZN Tech in the tip
  • Binding compatibility: Requires junior-specific bindings (not included)

Technical Specifications of Atomic Stage 11 GW Bindings:

  • DIN range: 3 - 11
  • Weight (pair): 1830 g
  • Brake width options: 90 mm, 100 mm, 115 mm
  • Compatibility: GripWalk system
  • Certification: Multi Norm Certified (compatible with Alpine ISO 5355, GripWalk, WTR, Walk to Ride boot soles)
  • Automatic Wing Adjustment: Adapts to boot width automatically
  • Construction: Lightweight materials
  • Step-in system: Easy step-in/out mechanism
  • Adjustment range (length): +/- 28 mm
  • Recommended skier weight: 30 - 110 kg (66 - 243 lbs)

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Shoes arrived in record time, 100% recyclable packaging with a lovely personalised note. Came across this shop by chance but very glad I did and highly reccommend for online orders.
— Damon

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