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NZ Topo Map 50 Alabaster Pass CA09

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The Topo Map 50 Alabaster Pass in New Zealand offers a comprehensive view of the terrain at a 1:50,000 scale, detailing elevation contours, geographical features like rivers and forests, and landmarks such as trails, campsites, and man-made structures. It provides crucial information for hikers, adventurers, and geographers, allowing them to understand the area's topography, navigate accurately, and plan their journeys effectively. Alabaster Pass likely showcases diverse landscapes, potentially featuring alpine terrain, valleys, and hiking or climbing routes amidst stunning natural beauty. Understanding the map's symbols, contours, and scale is essential for anyone exploring this region.


  • Scale: Presented at 1:50,000, offering a comprehensive view of Alabaster Pass in New Zealand.
  • Elevation Contours: Detailed lines depicting changes in terrain elevation, aiding in understanding slopes, ridges, and valleys.
  • Geographical Features: Identification of rivers, streams, lakes, forests, glaciers, and other natural landmarks.
  • Topographic Symbols: Representation of man-made structures, trails, campsites, cliffs, caves, and other significant features.
  • Grid Lines and Coordinates: Latitude and longitude lines or a grid system for precise location and navigation.
  • Legend or Key: Explanation of symbols, colors, and markings used on the map for interpretation purposes.

Technical Specifications
  • Scale: 1:50,000
  • Projection: Typically using a cartographic projection system for accurate representation.
  • Contour Interval: The specific measurement (e.g., 10 meters) between elevation contour lines.
  • Datum: The reference point used for measuring elevations and coordinates.
  • Grid System: Details about the coordinate grid system used for navigation (e.g., UTM, Latitude/Longitude).
  • Map Coverage: The area covered and boundaries of the map.
  • Legend Details: Information regarding symbols, colors, and markings used on the map and their meanings.
  • Publisher Information: Details about the entity or organization responsible for creating and publishing the map.
  • Date of Publication: Indicates the map's age and when it was last updated or revised.

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Customer reviews

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