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Merino sheep live in the pristine Alpine high country surrounding the magnificent Southern Lakes of New Zealand. At those altitudes the weather is extreme, ranging from minus 10 degrees Celsius and below in winter to over 30 degrees in summer.  

New Zealand merino sheep in their natural environment

New Zealand merino sheep are able to survive and thrive in this extraordinary environment because of the unique attributes of the merino wool fibre. It keeps them warm and dry in the depths of winter, as well as regulating their temperature in the height of summer. Mountain adventure apparel made from New Zealand merino can do the same for you too.

  1. Merino wool fibres are much thinner than ordinary wool fibres. Thicknesses for wool is measured in ‘microns’. Merino wool is very fine and soft, starting at around an incredibly fine 10-12 microns. By comparison a human hair is around 60 microns. The Mons Royale merino apparel we sell is super fine 18.5 micron fibre. It feels beautifully soft and luxurious next to the skin.
  2. Merino is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odour. Merino fibre has a special structure that prevents bacteria from sticking to it, so odors from perspiration can’t build up. That’s just one reason why New Zealand merino clothing is the perfect choice for snow sports, running, hiking and biking. It also means you need to wash it less often.
  3. Merino is amazing at keeping you dry. Its wicking ability moves moisture away from your skin, and it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight before it feels wet. That also means merino is extremely fast drying.
  4. Merino is warm when it's cold. It is a high-performance natural insulator and because merino garments are light weight, they should be your first choice for layering.
  5. Merino is cool when it’s hot. Its breathability and temperature regulating properties mean shirts and shorts made from merino are ideal for high output exercise in summer. Who would have believed wool could do that – but merino can.
  6. Mons Royale and Icebreaker are ethical and sustainable. Both companies partner with New Zealand’s ZQRX Merino standard. ZQRX stands for a better quality of life for the animals, for our planet, our people, and you.
  7. Wool is naturally fire resistant. Merino is high in nitrogen and water, which requires higher levels of oxygen in the surrounding environment in order to burn.
  8. Mons Royale clothing is certified with the latest eco standards including Bluesign and Oeko-Tex .
  9. Merino garments are often blended with synthetic fibres for added durability.
  10. Merino garments from Mons Royale and Icebreaker look sleek and stylish, so the garment you choose for action sports can also double as streetwear.

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