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‘Ich bin raus’ is literally translated from German as ‘I’m out there’ and it’s the principle that’s guided the Schöffel brand since it was established in 1804. Schöffel makes premium apparel that delivers what you really need ‘out there’ - freedom of movement, functionality, and protection in any kind of weather - so you can still enjoy Ich bin raus’ when the temperature drops, the wind comes up, and the rain and snow come down. Today Schöffel is managed by Peter Schöffel the seventh generation of the Schöffel family to lead the company from its base in Schwabmünchen, Bavaria. 

Schöffel is exclusive to Outside Sports in New Zealand. 

Schoffel Gore-tex jacket

The Schöffel style 

Timeless, elegant, versatile and classically European sums up the Schöffel look. If you like apparel that’s equally at home on the mountain or trail as it is in town then you’ll love Schöffel. What’s more if you like being a little ahead of the curve Schöffel ticks that box too – as it's just getting established in New Zealand – but if you know, you know! 

Sustainable technology 
As a company with a heritage of over 200 years, sustainability is part of the Schöffel DNA. In its contemporary garments incorporate a range of environmentally-friendly technologies, including AIRMEM™, bamboo charcoal, and perPETual. 

AIRMEM™ is an advanced textile technology based on coffee grounds. In the first step, coffee oil is obtained from this residue. This recycled resource can then be used the basis for a lightweight membrane, that replaces 25% of the usual raw material, petroleum. The AIRMEM® membrane makes the Schöffel apparel it’s used in windproof and waterproof. The excellent level of breathability supports moisture transport and leaves the skin feeling dry. It also inhibits odours. 

Bamboo Charcoal 
Bamboo charcoal is made from selected, four-year-old bamboo. The bamboo is carbonized and then added in powder form to a polyester fibre mix. A yarn is then spun from this fibre mix. Since the yarn is extracted from bamboo, which grows very quickly and does not require artificial replanting, it is very environmentally friendly. Schöffel bamboo apparel has an extremely soft feel, softer even than pure cotton. It’s light, elastic, breathable, and easy to care for. Another advantage is that it reflects of the body's thermal radiation. Embedded IR-reflecting particles in the bamboo fibre reduces cooling by reflecting body heat back to the body. The result - you stay warmer. 


perPETual is an environmentally-friendly recycling method in which PET bottles are converted 100% into a new textile material. Standard polymerisation can then be used to turn this sustainability acquired ester into recycled polyester. This resource-friendly method, which can be used to produce a wide range of yarn thicknesses, requires far less energy than other recycling methods. The amount of waste from plastic bottles is also reduced, and the water consumption used in manufacturing is an amazing 86% lower than for new polyester. Schöffel garments made from perPETual is hard-wearing, elastic, comfortable and sustainable. 

Ethical Business Practices 
As a family company in the seventh generation, Schöffel stands for tradition and enduring values. To ensure that all members of staff act together in line with the family company's ethical values, it has formulated the following principles of conduct including following the Fair Wear Foundation’s Code of Labour Practices. 

Outside Sports has a big range of Schöffel apparel available in our stores and online now. Check it out, and 'Ich bin raus!'

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