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Flylow was founded in 2005 by Colorado backcountry skiing fanatics Greg Steen and Dan Abrams. The guys couldn’t find a pair of ski pants that held up to the rigors of missions in the backcountry. The gear they were using was either built for mountaineering, which meant it was lightweight and breathable, but didn’t fit right and lacked style, or it was made for ski resorts, so it looked good but fell apart after a season. 

They figured, why not build ski clothes that could do it all? At the time a French girl on the mountain saw them skiing and commented “You don’t ski fast—you fly low,” and with that, Flylow was born. 

The first official Flylow products debuted in 2005 - the super burly Cactus Pant and the Black Coat, which just came in just one color – yup black. Local senders immediately adopted the brand for its sensible, no-nonsense approach to quality, reliable gear. With their input, Greg and Dan have continued to tweak and refine their gear in a constant search for improvement.  

Now in 2024 Flylow has a passionate and loyal customer-base around the world – there are many people who simply won’t wear anything else – the famous Flylow Baker Bib is a perfect case in point, it’s developed a cult following among hard charging skiers and boarders, and has been a fixture on the Blister Recommended List for years! 

Flylow has awesome gear for long seasons of charging on the mountain and also steezie threads for apres.

And we’ve just received the latest drop for 2024 at Outside Sports in Wanaka and Queenstown – or from anywhere online. 


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