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Dynastar skis are true French alpine classics with a huge following all over the world. Recently Dynastar has taken the freeride skiing world by storm. Watch any international freeride skiing event and you’ll see more Dynastar M-Free skis on athletes' feet than any other brand. Dynastar skis are known for their precision, accessible performance, extremely high build quality and durability. 

These skis are the highlights of the range for beginner to expert skiers who love the piste. 

Dynastar SPEED 4X4 363 + XPRESS 11 GW  

Dynastar SPEED 4X4 363 + XPRESS 11 GW

The new Dynastar Speed 4x4 363 is brilliant ski that's the ideal way to get off rental skis and into your own pair so you can quickly transition from a beginner to an intermediate skier. 

Dynastar’s Hybrid Core technology makes the ski ultra-maneuverable while keeping it very light for agility and control. There’s a moderate rocker in the tip for a smooth ride and easy turning in rougher snow, while adding smooth turn initiation. The Central Side wall construction makes the ski transmit energy more efficiently and precisely giving you the confidence you need to progress your skiing to the next level. 

The Dynastar SPEED 4X4 363 comes with the Xpress System binding with durable one-piece construction and a safe multi-directional toe release. This binding is also Grip Walk compatible for use with GW ski boots. 

Dynastar Speed 563 K 

Dynastar Speed 563 K

The Dynastar Speed 563 ski is the embodiment of finesse and mastery on the slopes, offering skiers a harmonious blend of vigorous edging and seamless gliding. At the heart of its design, the Hybrid Core, which ingeniously combines wood and polyurethane, works to dampen vibrations, providing a ride that's both stable and smooth. Complementing this, the innovative V-Tech design optimizes power transfer to the ski while concurrently reducing its swing weight, ensuring that each turn feels effortless and precise. This ski is crafted for those looking to elevate their speed with confidence, promising an unmatched balance of power and agility. 

The Dynastar Speed 563 comes complete with Look NX 12 Konect GW bindings.  

Dynastar Speed 4x4 763 K 

Dynastar Speed 4x4 763 K

The new 2024 model Dynastar Speed 4x4 763 skis are your daily driver that can tackle any terrain with a smooth, confident edge that lets you push your carving turns and develop your skills to expert level. The Dynastar Hybrid Core 2.0 uses a blend of titanal metal, wood and polyurethane to balance weight and absorb vibration for a smooth feel that lets you ski longer and faster. Traditional sidewalls and titanal reinforcement give the 763 a confident edge for charging around the whole mountain. A three-direction wood layup reduces glued fiberglass layers for a lower environmental footprint. Overall Dynastar Speed 4x4 763 offers precision and the powerful edge grip that makes groomer skiing a pleasure.  

The Dynastar Speed 4x4 763 comes complete with Look NX 12 Konect GW bindings. 

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