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Rossignol is a legend in snow sports, but despite being a legend the are never one to rest on their laurels. Ever year at Outside sports we have something new and exciting from France's number on ski brand, and 2024 is no exception - an in fact this year we have four outstanding all-new skis in our Rossignol collection. 

The Super Blackops 98, Arcade 88, Forza 70, and Hero Elite MT Ti

Rossignol Super Blackops 98 

Rossignol Super Projects Blackops 98

This ski has some of the standout graphics of the whole ski range at Outside Sports in 2024. With a serious 80s vibe going on this 98mm underfoot ski is ready for any terrain and conditions you want to shred.  

With a wood core and titanal layers you get the unique Rossignol Blackops ride - powerful and smooth, with exceptional grip, agility, and precision.  

There’s a Progressive Rocker for effortless pivoting and capability off trail. a Rectangular Sidewall for optimal grip and power, and a Progressive Sidecut for fluid, fun turns.  

We recommend the Rossignol Super Blackops 98 ski to anyone who loves the look and wants a dependable partner for skiing the Southern Lakes and beyond. 

Rossignol Arcade 88 Open 

Rossignol Arcade 88 all mountain skis

Early reviews of these all-new skis tell us that once you ski the Rossignol Arcade 88 you never want to stop. The Rossignol Arcade series an 84 and an 88mm underfoot model are the next evolution in Rossignol’s much-loved Experience all-mountain lineup.

Aimed at the skier who wants maximum versatility from a sign ski, the Arcade models boast a shorter turn radius and rocker at both the tip and tail to give you delivering exceptional carving performance on any terrain. 

The Rossignol Arcade 88 we have at Outside Sports is the top of the range and a true premium ski, featuring a full-length titanal layer for high-speed stability and control. The ride is precision and exciting, perfect for those who want to confidently enjoy everywhere on the mountain, in any conditions that it throws your way. 

Like all top tier skis, the Rossignol Arcade 88 Open comes flat, without a binding, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best – for example a Look Pivot 15 GW. 

Rossignol Forza 70 

Rossignol Forza 70 skis

This is a dedicated groomer blitzer for skiers with a need to Carve with a capital ‘C.’ Rossignol Forza 70D V-TI skis are engineered to maximise the thrill of making perfect turns at high speeds. With oversized tips and tail and a Supersize Sidecut, it’s easy to generate aggressive angles and make savage carved turns down the fall line on hard snow while staying in control.  

Rossignol's Line Control Technology delivers unwavering stability and fluidity across any snow condition, while the Rectangular Sidewall construction provides exceptional grip and precision. The V-Titanal design, featuring a tapered titanal layer, enhances control and reduces tip weight for enhanced agility, and the Titanal Reinforced Torsion Tip ensures precise power transfer.  

With an Ultra High Density (UHD) base for speed and durability, plus a premium finish for longevity, these skis are a testament to performance and environmental stewardship. Crafted in our eco-friendly facility in Artes, Spain, the Forza 70D V-TI Skis offer an unmatched skiing experience for those dedicated to the art of the carve. 

Rossignol Hero Elite MT Ti 

Rossignol Hero Elite MT Ti

If you’re thinking of competing in the Coronet Peak Winter Classic race series or just want to experience the pleasure of a perfect carve this is your ski – which is the reason why you see so many instructors all over the world choose Rossignol Heroes. Now refreshed for 2024 the Rossignol Hero Elite MT Ti is approachable for strong intermediates and robust enough for demanding experts.  

Rossignol’s race-bred Line Control Technology (LCT) teams up with a nimble 74mm waist width and a dynamic multi-turn (that’s what MT stands for) sidecut, you’ll “supercharge your speed, sharpen your precision, and amplify your power.” In other words, you’re going to turn like you never have before with a pair of Rossignol Hero Elite MT Ti under your feet. 

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