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Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In Waterproofer 100ml

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Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In 100ml is a highly effective waterproofing treatment designed for outdoor clothing and gear. This convenient wash-in solution rejuvenates water repellency in a variety of fabrics, ensuring that your garments remain resistant to rain and moisture. The easy-to-use wash-in application makes the process simple—just add it to your washing machine. Not only does it enhance water resistance, but it also maintains breathability, allowing for comfort during outdoor activities. The eco-friendly, water-based formula is free from harmful fluorocarbons, underlining Nikwax's commitment to sustainability. With long-lasting protection and compatibility with various fabrics, this product is an essential for outdoor enthusiasts looking to extend the life and performance of their gear.


  • Waterproofing Performance: Renews or adds water repellency to outdoor clothing and gear.
  • Versatility: Suitable for use on jackets, pants, and softshell items, compatible with breathable and non-breathable fabrics.
  • Wash-In Application: Convenient and user-friendly, simply add to the washing machine during the wash cycle.
  • Revitalizes Breathability: Maintains fabric breathability for comfort during outdoor activities.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Durable water repellency withstands multiple washings, extending gear life.
  • Eco-Friendly Formula: Water-based, non-toxic, and free from harmful fluorocarbons for environmentally conscious use.

Technical Specifications
  • Product Type: Waterproofing Wash-In Solution
  • Volume: 100ml
  • Application Method: Wash-in application in a washing machine
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use on various outdoor fabrics, including breathable and non-breathable materials
  • Performance: Renews and enhances water repellency, maintaining breathability
  • Longevity: Provides durable water repellency that withstands multiple washings
  • Formula: Eco-friendly, water-based formula free from harmful fluorocarbons (PFCs)
  • Usage: Ideal for outdoor jackets, pants, and softshell gear
  • Convenience: User-friendly application for hassle-free gear maintenance.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Shoes arrived in record time, 100% recyclable packaging with a lovely personalised note. Came across this shop by chance but very glad I did and highly reccommend for online orders.
— Damon

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