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Why & When to Use Compressport® Compression Clothing

First developed in Switzerland in 2008, COMPRESSPORT® has become the benchmark in the sports compression market. It is the only brand to offer seamless products specially designed and developed for each of the different muscle chains. COMPRESSPORT® is recognized as a leader in compression products thanks to the technical features, unique designs and high quality of their products.

About Compressport®

All products are manufactured in Europe using exclusively European materials and specialists. The innovative fibers used are certified by OEKOTEX, a world-recognized inspection organization. This certification guarantees that the fibers contain no chemical, which is harmful to the skin or health.

COMPRESSPORT® works with a team of athletes and physicians in order to meet the athletes' requirements as regards to compression, endurance and recovery. More than 500 pro athletes from many different sports choose to wear COMPRESSPORT® including numerous Olympic and world Champions.

Why Use Compressport® Compression Clothing

COMPRESSPORT® compression garments are developed to support you before, during and after exercise. As an athlete, you need a solution that allows you to train longer, race stronger, improve your recovery and to prevent fatigue and injury.

Before Exercise 

Wearing COMPRESSPORT® will accelerate the warm-up process and therefore reduce the risk of injury. By compressing veins, COMPRESSPORT® improves the venous return to the heart. This improves overall blood circulation: improving muscle oxygenation, preventing swelling and giving athletes a felling of light, fresh legs.

During Exercise

Wearing COMPRESSPORT® during exercise provides benefit due to the reduction of muscular vibrations. By limiting these vibrations, COMPRESSPORT® will reduce muscle damage, delay muscle fatigue, improve prolonged performances and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The risk of tendonitis, shin splints and muscular injuries is also decreased. Compression provides effective support and ensures less stress on joints and tendons.

After Exercise

Improved blood flow by using compression during recovery will increase oxygen supply, eliminating toxins faster and preventing swelling. Secondary muscle damage, inflammation and muscle soreness are reduced and subsequent performances during competition are improved.


When To Use Compression Clothing

Before the effort

1. Reduce muscle vibrations

Using the COMPRESSPORT® technology during running mainly provides benefit by reducing muscular vibrations (-33 %) induced by the shocks with the ground.

2. Kick off warm up

COMPRESSPORT® technology accelerates the warm-up process and therefore reduces the risk of injury (especially muscular injuries).

During the effort

1. The feeling of light, fresh legs

Pressure applied on the lower limbs by COMPRESSPORT® products compresses the veins and improves venous return. This results in less swelling of the lower limbs and muscle oxygenation is improved giving athletes a feeling of light, fresh legs.

2. Decrease muscle damage and inflammation processes

Vibrations are known to cause muscle damage and contribute to fatigue. COMPRESSPORT® technology limits the muscle damage (-42 %) and reduces muscle fatigue. Less muscle damage means less inflammation (-52 %), less DOMS and thus better recovery.

3. Reduce risk of injury and cramps

Compression keeps your muscles compact and solid, reducing muscular vibrations and resulting in less stress on the tendons. Other contributing factors are due to a decrease in inflammation, improved warm-up and improved proprioceptive feedback.

After the effort

1. Faster recovery

Improved blood flow resulting from using the COMPRESSPORT® technology during the recovery is responsible for eliminating toxins more quickly.

2. Decrease soreness

Improved blood flow resulting from using COMPRESSPORT® compression in recovery will increase oxygen supply, eliminate toxins faster and prevent swelling.

All Photo Credit: Compressport

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