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March 2015

Trail Talk: Around the Mountains Cycle Trail

Trail Talk: Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Outside Sports NZ

Resource consent has been granted by an independent commissioner for the Oreti River section, as part of stage two of the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail. This will allow one of the original seven great trail rides to be completed, which has been a working progress since 2008.

In his decision Commissioner Denis Nugent said: “I conclude that the adverse effects on the environment from the application overall would be less than minor, and such effects would be balanced or outweighed by the positive benefits to the Southland community of constructing the trail.”

The consent was to construct and use a cycle trail, construct seven bridges and an underpass, to extract 2000 cubic metres of gravel and to construct culverts and boardwalks within road reserve.

Stage One Panel Designs

There are 23 proposed panel design concepts for stage one of the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail The panels will hold a variety of information ranging from environmental to heritage information and trail rules. Community Development Planner Julie Russell said the panels are an important part of the trail experience: “They are a way to celebrate and preserve the uniqueness of our communities.”

Mr Marshall said if no appeals were lodged it was expected that the trail would be completed by the end of the year.

Trail Talk: Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Outside Sports NZ

Cyclists ride through Athol on Stage One of the trai. Photo Credit: Southland District Council Communications Dept

For more information about Around the Mountains Cycle Trail click here.

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Cardrona Bike Park and Mega Avalanche 2015, NZ.

Cardrona Bike Park, Wanaka NZ is re-opening for Easter!

Cardrona Bike Park will be open from April 4th-19th, which will be the last opportunity to ride at Cardrona, Wanaka before the winter season’s opening day on June 13th 2015. The Cardrona Bike Park will be open daily from 10am-4pm with the Whitestar chairlift operating for trail access to some cool new trails:

•         Beginners trail along skyline.

•         New intermediate trail below oxygen thief.

•         Descent from resort base to helicopter flat.

 Cardrona NZ Mega Avalanche Outside Sports NZ

Cardrona Mega Avalanche scheduled for April 19!

•         1300 metre of vert!

•         14km Course!

•         5K worth of cash and spot prizes!

Cardrona NZ and Highlands Motorsport Park are collaborating to bring mountain bike racing into the motorsport arena of the Race to the Sky event. On the last day of the Cardrona bike park season, Sunday April 19th 2015, for the first time Cardrona will host The Cardrona Mega Avalanche- presented by Outside Sports.

True to Mega Avalanche form, the race starts with a mass sprint to get to the front of the pack before entering the narrower sections of the course. The course is a mix of twisty single tracks, steep descents and narrow technical switchbacks. The spectacular finish line in Cardrona Village sees riders drop off a ramp into the awards arena where five thousand dollars worth of cash and spot prizes will be awarded.

Now that’s something to be excited about! The end of summer isn’t all too bad.

Enter Here.

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Neil and Steve rode 2394 km’s from Cape Reinga to Bluff

Neil and Steve rode 2394 km’s across New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Bluff in 16 Days, a total of 85 hours and 30 minutes. Here are a few questions we just had to ask Neil, Queenstown Store manager at Outside Sports about his epic adventure:

Road bike Cape Reinga to Bluff NZ Outside Sports


1)      What inspired you to do this amazing journey?

As per most adventures - by one too many beers in Atlas one night! – it has been on Steve and my bucket lists for many years now – we both kind of expected the other one to back down but neither did - next thing you knew we were at Cape Reinga with a hell of a long way to go.

Road bike Cape Reinga to Bluff NZ Outside Sports

Road bike Cape Reinga to Bluff NZ Outside Sports

Day 1: Cape Reinga, North Island, NZ.

2)      How long did it take you?

We were riding for 16 days. We didn’t schedule a rest day but unfortunately on day 3, riding into Auckland we hit a diesel covered roundabout and we both came off our bikes. It didn’t feel as if we had done any major damage to either ourselves or our bikes but when we started riding the next day, Steve realised that he had torn a muscle in his knee and was struggling to put any pressure on his right leg. We made it thorough to Hamilton but had to stop for a day so that he could get some physio – he got it taped and some acupuncture done and we set off a day later – not sure how his knee would cope, but it seemed to be a bit better and after a couple of days of easier riding it came good again - which was a pretty huge relief to the both of us.

3)      What was your longest day (kms?)

It was from Whangarei to Auckland. 184km’s and also our biggest days climbing with 2198m climbing. We were doing between 150 and 170km’s on most days. Interestingly the north island was hillier and longer than the south island. We climbed 10,000m in the North Island and only 8,000m in the south island. I always thought that the south island was going to be way hillier than the north.

4)      What did you pack for your trip?

Very little – just one set of riding gear and a change of clothes off the bike plus a few bike spares and a toothbrush. All of the gear that we carried on the bikes and the bike bags themselves weighed less than 5kg.

Road bike Cape Reinga to Bluff NZ Outside Sports

5)      Where did you stay during your trip?

A mixture of friends houses, classic old kiwi hotels and backpackers

6)      What was the most useful bit of kit that you took with you?

Either the actual packs that we used – meant that we were able to do the ride super lightweight or ‘Butt Butter’ chamois cream!

7)      If you could have taken something else with you what would it be?

Would possibly have changed out he bike seat for a slightly more comfortable one – it took about 1000km’s before the seat became anything like comfortable!

Road bike Cape Reinga to Bluff NZ Outside Sports

8)      What was the highlight of the trip?

Riding wise it was the west coast of the south island – amazing terrain, hardly and traffic and absolutely perfect weather. But for me it was also seeing the far north of the north island – amazing part of the country and incredible just how friendly everyone was to us along the way – it makes you realise why people love NZ so much!

Road bike Cape Reinga to Bluff NZ Outside Sports

9)      What were the biggest challenges along the way?

There were a few – mainly getting back on the bike each morning! Also surviving the logging trucks on SH1 heading into Auckland – was definitely glad to get that behind me. Probably the biggest physical challenge was riding up Bluff hill right at the end of the trip – 24% gradient in the last few km of the whole trip – we were both nearly puking at the end of that one

10)   What bike did you do this epic journey on?

I did it on a Specialized Tarmac Pro and Steve did it on a Trek Madone

Road bike Cape Reinga to Bluff NZ Outside Sports

Specialized Tarmac Pro

 Our total distance that we rode was 2394 km’s and we climbed 18,377 vertical metres and were riding our bikes for a total of 85hours and 30 minutes.

Road bike Cape Reinga to Bluff NZ Outside Sports

Road bike Cape Reinga to Bluff NZ Outside Sports

Day 16: Bluff, South Island NZ.

Check out Bikes and apparel at Outside Sports.

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Camping with the Kids

Camping with the Kids.

Inspired by notes from Edith Leigh, here are some great tips for camping with Kids.

Camping is such an exciting adventure for both adults and children. However it can be hard to keep the kids entertained when they are so hyped up, and with the lack of home comforts some tasks can seem deemly impossible- No I-pads to keep them quiet whilst you make dinner, no long warm baths with a fluffy bath robe. But the reality is; getting back to nature and taking away all of those materialistic possessions reconnects you, not only with your children but with nature and all it has to offer.

Kids Camping Outside Sports NZ

Take aboard these tips from Edith Leigh on your next camping/tramping or hiking adventure with the kids and enjoy:

  • Give kids their own special camping gear

Give each kid their own headlamp. This not only prevents arguments, they are great for night time play, reading and making shadow puppets on the side of the tent.

Give everybody their own disposable camera; these may be some of your favourite photos of the trip.

Make a camping necklace for everyone, or better still get the kids to make their own. Along with some beads, thread on a whistle, a small magnifying glass and a tiny, lightweight light.

  • Go geocaching

Even if you don’t have a GPS, geocaching apps can be downloaded for free, or very little charge, and the whole family can go treasure hunting. Kids love looking for, and finding, stuff. Make sure you have a small supply of cheap toys, or swag, to trade when they hit the jackpot.

  • Build a dam

Kids just love building dams. They will fetch and carry rocks and stones for hours. When you’re getting them started, remember enthusiasm is contagious.

  • Get arty

Land art is simply making art and sculptures using materials found in nature, such as leaves, twigs, pebbles, rocks, sand and shells. Make animals, patterns, circles, spirals, even life size outlines of a child. Don’t forget to take photographs of any creations so you can frame them for a special camping holiday memory.

  • Let them be

Unstructured time away from screens, daily routines and endless organised activities can be a balm for kids. Often it is after the “I’m bored” stage that kids will come up with their most creative and imaginative play.

Kids Camping Outside Sports NZ

Check out our range of Camping and Hiking equipment at Outside Sports to get you and the family prepared for your next adventure.

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Sanitarium Weetbix Kids Tryathlon series

Sanitarium Weetbix Kids Tryathlon series Outside Sports NZ

The Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon has been specifically designed to encourage Children to become more motivated to exercise. Emphasizing on a friendly and supportive atmosphere where every child who participates in the Triathlon is made to feel like a winner, ensuring that they enjoy an active lifestyle that will hopefully encourage an exercise routine for the future, promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing for our children.

In event research conducted after the 2012 Series, almost 82.4% of parents surveyed thought their child’s self esteem improved as a result of participating in the Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon.

Sanitarium Weetbix Kids Tryathlon series Outside Sports NZ 

Celebrities and sporting stars at each event to cheer kids on and award medals!

Sanitarium Weetbix Kids Tryathlon series Outside Sports NZ 

“We’ve seen the positive mental and physical impact that the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon has had on Kiwi kids. Get behind them. And get in behind our kids, so their childhood is every bit as idyllic, pressure-free and rewarding as we remember”. http://try.weetbix.co.nz/

Sanitarium Weetbix Kids Tryathlon series Outside Sports NZ

Check our Calendar for the next event near you.

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