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May 2015

Get Ski and Snowboard Fit

Is your Body ready for winter?

The snow has fallen here in the Southern Alps of New Zealand but are you ready to get back on the Skis or Snowboard and hit the slopes this winter? There's less than 3 weeks to go until opening day and with the right preparation for strengthening your hamstrings, quadriceps, back and core, you won't have to risk injury or suffer from the usual aches and pains that you may normally experience at the start of each season.

Follow these 5 exercises to get you ready for our El Nino winter ahead from Mike Morin, U.S. Winter Olympics Ski Team coach.

1. Toy Soldiers- for flexible hamstrings

How to: To start, stand up straight with your left arm out to your side at shoulder height. Without bending your knee, kick your right leg while extending your left arm out in front of you to touch your toe. Repeat with the left leg and right arm. Complete three sets of 10 to 12 reps on each side, alternating legs, moving forward with a step in between each kick.

Get Ski and Snowboard Fit Toy Soldier Outside Sports NZ


2. Step-Ups- for leg strengthening.

How to: Stand facing a box, step or chair and place your right foot on the flat surface. Step your left leg up to meet your right, by pushing into your right foot and using the muscles in the right leg to propel you (rather pushing off your left foot). Step down with your left leg, then your right. Complete three sets of 10 to 12 reps and then switch legs.

Get Ski and Snowboard Fit Step Ups Outside Sports NZ

3. Physioball Hamstring Curl- to strengthen the hamstrings.

How to: Begin laying on your back, palms down on the floor, with your legs extended and your feet resting on top of a large exercise ball. Using your leg and core strength, begin to draw the ball in toward your body until your knees are bent and you're in a shoulder bridge position. Hold this position for a couple seconds before returning to the starting position. Need more of a challenge? Try single leg curls to really test your hamstring and glute strength. Repeat for three sets of 10 to 12 reps.

Get Ski and Snowboard Fit Hamstring curl ball Outside Sports NZ

4. Planks and Side Planks- for strenghting the core.

How to: Balancing on your forearms in a push-up position, use the strength of your abdominals and glutes to keep your hips raised to shoulder height, taking extra care not to sag in the midsection. For the side plank, shift from a plank position onto one hand, with the other either extended into the air or on your hip and your feet stacked. Complete three sets (one regular plank and one on each side) of 30- to 60-second holds.

Get Ski and Snowboard Fit Planks and Side Planks Sports NZ


5. Supermans- lower back strengthening.

How to: Start by lying on your stomach with your arms extended out in front of you. Slowly lift your arms and upper body, keeping your neck in a neutral position. At the same time, lift your legs off the ground, keeping your ankles as close together as you can. Hold for a few seconds before returning your arms and legs back to the floor. Complete three sets of 30 to 60 second holds.

 Get Ski and Snowboard Fit Superman Outside Sports NZ

It's a tempting mad rush on opening day to be one of the first on the chairlift, but remember that a few reps of dynamic moves like toy soldiers and step-ups will get you warm and limber so you can really enjoy that first ski/ snowboard of the season. Look after your body after a day of skiing or snowboarding with some long, static stretches and a hot tub or hot bath to ensure your muscles are ready for day two and the season ahead.

A well balance diet and a hydrated body will also help before, during and after exercise. See our range of Sports Nutrition at Outside Sports for aid in Sports performance and recovery.

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Specialized- New Bike Release!

Specialized- New Release!

Specialized are proud and excited to continue the legend of the first Stumpjumper Mountain bike and the trail riding life since 1981, with the release of the new Stumpjumper FSR and a new trail bike for women, the Rhyme.

Trail Legend Reborn:

Specialized created these new bikes with focus on three areas that are key to making the next generation of trail bikes:

Handling-trail bikes have to do it all, and do it all well. Equally focused on climbing prowess and descending capability, the Stumpjumper FSR & Rhyme are scared of nothing. Geometry has been built separately from the ground up for 650b or 29’’ wheels. Chainstays have been shortened dramatically, and the head tube angles slackened.

Efficiency-Pedalling  and control are still paramount to trail riding. Specialized make sure that every bit of energy from your legs will push the bike to the top, while making sure that the descent are as fun as ever.



Current SJ 650B

New SJ / Rhyme 650B

Current SJ 29

New SJ 29

Slacker Head Tube Angle





Shorter Chainstay Length





Still Low BB Height





Same Rear Travel






Specialized Stumpjumper FSR trail Bike:

The Stumpjumper FSR has been the ultimate trail bike for decades. This year, it features revolutionary new technology, like Specialized proprietary Rx Trail shock tune, never before seen, fully integrated SWAT technology, 650b, 6Fattie, and 29er options, ultra-short and nimble chainstays, and an even slacker, trail-eating geometry. Add it all up, and you have a bike that's ready for anything that the trail can throw at it.

S-works Stumpjumper FSR 650b:

S-works Stumpjumper FSR 650b Outside Sports NZ

Specialized Rhyme trail Bike:

When no trail is too steep, and no jump is off limits, you need a bike that delivers a confidence-inspiring, purpose-built trail experience. The new Rhyme delivers the right tool for the job. Specialized designed it to not just be the most capable women's trail bike out there, but to be one of the most capable trail bikes—period. With unmistakable Trail Geometry, Specialized own Women's Rx Trail Tune, unrivaled fit, SWAT technology, and an obsessively detailed construction, it's the bike that every trail rider has wanted but has never been given—until now.

Rhyme FSR expert carbon 650b:

Rhyme FSR expert carbon 650b Outside Sports NZ

Buy Specialized with Outside Sports Wanaka and Queenstown.

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New for Treble Cone Ski Area, NZ 2015

What's New?

Voted winner of 'New Zealand's Best Ski Resort' at the World Ski Awards for 2 consecutive years in 2013 and 2014, Treble Cone Ski area in Wanaka, New Zealand has announced new developments for winter 2015 including; earthworks for intermediate trails in the Saddle Basin and a new open-air cafe at the top of the Home Basin, serving barista made Allpress coffee and chef cooked-to-order lunches, with spectacular views across the lake and the snow capped Southern Alps. The existing base cafe will also see upgrades with a 'ready-to-go' food court style outlet and a more intimate, table serviced dining experience.

Treble Cone is the south Islands largest ski resort with terrain like no other. The new developments will only improve the already outstanding ski area. Treble Cone has also introduced a Flexi Pass in conjunction with Wanaka’s other amazing ski area, Cardrona Alpine Resort. The Flexi pass can be purchased online or on-mountain at both Treble Cone and Cardrona for a 3 or 5 days lift pass. Meaning skiers can enjoy both mountains on one flexible ticket.

Ski Treble cone Outside Sports NZ

What's new on Treble Cones trail map?

New for Treblecone Ski Outside Sports NZ

Where are the New Trails?

Earthworks have taken place in the Saddle Basin creating an intermediate groomed trail, located adjacent to Raffills Run creating a wide intermediate run. The Saddle basin is well known for its reliable natural snow and quad chairlift access. Raffills Run will be re-aligned to deliver a new wider and easier entrance off High Street, to replace the previous narrow entrance to this popular trail.

Nearby, Saddle Back will have a new wider and gentler entrance making the previously difficult to locate, advanced trail into a fun, sweeping intermediate run through the heart of the Saddle Basin.

The new intermediate trails which include earthworks and snow fencing to create additional groomed intermediate options in the Saddle Basin, plus the introduction of a new open air mountain top cafe in the Home Basin, deliver the ski area's most exciting developments since the installation of the Saddle Quad Chairlift in 2005" Jackie van der Voort, General Manager.

Other upgrades include: beginner features to the Jazz Park, new Saddle Basin live snow cam, new storage lockers and rental fleet upgrades in the Treble Cone Rentals shop.

Treble Cone Skiing and Snowboarding, Wanaka New Zealand. Treble Cone video.

Book your Ski rentals with Outside Sports in Queenstown and Wanaka for top quality ski and snowboard hire.

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Sports Recovery through Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

If you are an endurance enthusiasts who pushes themselves on a regular basis whether Marathon running, Biking or Skiing, stretching and resting isn’t the only factor you need to take into consideration when recovering from an intense workout. The best form of recovery for your body, and to improve your overall performance is through correct nutrition. With the ability to recover faster your body can perform at its best quicker allowing for more training and an overall stronger body; vital for your personal training goals or competition.

Sports Nutrition and recovery Outside Sports NZ

The most important physiological and biochemical changes take place post-exercise. Without fully recovering after a training session the body is weakened and is at risk from illness and injury; such as continuing tissue damage and a suppressed immune system. Allowing you body to recover fully and adequately after training helps the body to adapt to meet the demands of an athletes needs; building stronger muscles, improved endurance, and higher oxygen consumption.

Sports Nutrition and recovery Outside Sports NZ

The main importance of nutritional recovery for the body post-exercise is to reduce inflammation and oxidation, repair tissue damage, and restore normal immune function; a strong immune function will help to fight infection and repair tissue damage, this can be strengthened by the consumption of antioxidants and amino acids.

Reduce the risk of overtraining, illness and injury by fully recovering with these post exercise nutritional recovery supplements:

Keep Hydrated:

Keep hydrated before, during and after exercise for optimal performance and recovery. Electrolyte drinks (Sport drinks) contain potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium to provide energy during intense exercise, by replacing these lost electrolytes and replenishing the body’s needs, helping to sustain energy and recovery from exercise.

Replace Glycogen:

The most important stage of post exercise recovery is to replace lost glycogen (the bodies energy storage for fuel), helping to stimulate glycogen resynthesis. This can be achieved through consumption of carbohydrates as soon as possible after exercise.

Biochemical Balance:

The body’s biochemistry is disrupted during exercise. Reduce the risk of illness from a suppressed immune system and avoid colds, injury, tissue damage and overtraining by increasing your consumption of a balanced diet of protein and antioxidants, found in vitamin supplements, fresh fruits such as berries, milk and meat. The body can use this fuel to help rebuild damaged muscle tissue.

Sports Nutrition and recovery Outside Sports NZ

It is vital to replace what the body has lost during training to improve and aid recovery. Read: WHAT ARE ELECTROLYTE DRINKS? for more information on sporting nutrition to aid in the process of performance and recovery.

Check out a range of Sports Nutrition from Outside Sports to help the body before, during and after exercise.

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