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August 2015

Who's Riding New this Summer?

New in Specialized Bikes at Outside Sports

By Paul Rayner, Outside Sports Bike Mechanic.

Paul has been building our new Specialized bikes for Summer 2015/16. Alongside our Top class Rental fleet he has been building some of the Staffs new bikes. Here is a small taster of what we have available for you in-store this summer. 

Specialized Bikes Outside Sports NZNeil, Queenstown Store Manager is riding a 2016 Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper 29:

A very exciting new bike, just recently released from Specialized, has passed though the workshop at the Ride Centre, Queenstown.  Refined geometry, SWAT integrated tool and accessory storage system and top of the line component spec are just a few of it's features.

Specialized Bikes Outside Sports NZ

Specialized Bikes Outside Sports NZ

Specialized Bikes Outside Sports NZHelen, Queenstown Ski Rental Manager is riding a Specialized 2016 Rhyme 650b Carbon:

A slightly modified spec on one of our staff member's new bikes, the Rhyme from Specialized is one of only a few women's specific long travel trail bike's on the market.

Specialized Bikes Outside Sports NZ

Specialized Bikes Outside Sports NZ 

Downhill Specialized Rental bikes:

Ride employees put the new Enduro Evo 650b from Specialized through stringent quality and stress testing to make sure that we provide only the best rides for our downhill rental fleet this coming summer season.  The flatty, the drift and the one-footed-can-can-hop are just some of the critical testing criteria;

Specialized Bikes Outside Sports NZ

Specialized Bikes Outside Sports NZ

Specialized Bikes Outside Sports NZ

Photo Credit: Paul Rayner.

Pre-order you 2016 Bike in-store at Outside Sports Queenstown and Wanaka. Can't decide the right bike for you? Test the best from a range of Specialized Demo bikes- head in store and speak to the bike experts in our team, passionate about biking!


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A Day in the Powder with Harris Mountain

My Harris Mountain Heli-Ski day: 11th August 2015.

By Jesse Meow- Ski Rental Staff

It was a perfect bluebird day for heli skiing. Queenstown had a fresh 15cm snow fall over the Remarkables region and Harris Mountain were eager to get us going! We were divided into several groups based on heli skiing experience and riding ability, to maximize the day and group dynamics. We were then shown how to safely use an avalanche GPS tracker, avalanche shovel and probe to locate someone under the snow and ran a mock trial before heading to the helicopter.

Harris Mountain Heli Ski Outside Sports NZ

We had a total of 8 runs (the guide up-selling the group for an additional run) and it was definitely some of the best snowboarding I have ever done. As a Cert 3 Snowboard Instructor I continually chase Winter around the world (this being my 9th consecutive Winter) and I can confidently say it was one the best experiences I have ever had. I would strongly recommend it to anyone feeling ski/snowboard adventurous, looking to chase some NZ powder or have any sort of heli experience!

Harris Mountain Heli Ski Outside Sports NZ

Harris Mountain Heli-Ski were absolutely fantastic in every possible way; from accommodation pickup and delivery, to great safety awareness in the terrain and picking the best lines for the different groups. The guides were very knowledgeable and kept the group safe through the varied terrain with great avalanche awareness. They also brought us lunch!

Harris Mountain Heli Ski Outside Sports NZ

A big thanks to all the Harris Mountain Heli-Ski staff! I highly recommend Heli skiing in New Zealand.

Harris Mountain Heli Ski Outside Sports NZ

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World Champion in Queenstown Ski & Snowboard Workshop

World Champion in Queenstown Ski & Snowboard Workshop

Double World Champion and Winter Paralympic Silver Medallist, Corey Peters from the New Zealand Paralympic Ski Team, has been getting his skis tuned with the Queenstown Outside Sports Ski and Snowboard Workshop.

Corey Peters Outside Sports NZ

Corey was left paralysed from the waist down after breaking his back over shooting a table-top landing whilst racing his motocross in September 2009.

Determined to keep sport in his life Corey became a Paralympic Skier, training year round with the New Zealand Adaptive Ski Team at Cardrona Alpine Resort in Wanaka and at Winter Park, Colorado, USA. Racing in all four Alpine disciplines including; Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G and Downhill.

Corey Peters Outside Sports NZ

Corey encourages people with physical disabilities to “get involved in skiing and give it a go because life doesn't stop just because you have a disability”.




World Champion Downhill and Super G

Silver Medallist Giant Slalom World Championships


Snow Sports NZ Overall Athlete of the year

Snow Sports NZ Adaptive Athlete of the year

Taranaki Senior Sportsman of the year

Attitude Sport Performer of the year

Paralympic Games: Sochi, Russia

Giant Slalom - 2nd place Silver Medallist

Super Combined - 4th place

Super G - 6th place

World Cup: Copper Mountain, USA

Giant Slalom - 2nd place

Corey Peters 2nd run in the Men's Giant Slalom at the Sochi 2014 Paralympics.


World Cup Super Combined, Mt Hutt, NZ - 1st place

World Cup Super G, Mt Hutt, NZ - 3rd place

World Cup Slalom, Coronet Peak, NZ - 2nd place

World Cup Giant Slalom, Thredbo, Aus - 2nd place

World Cup Giant Slalom, Thredbo, Aus - 2nd place


Snow Sports NZ, Corey’s Break Through Season- Read more about Adaptive Snow Sports NZ.

We wish Corey all the best in his upcoming races and are proud to be Tuning his Skis here at Outside Sports. Thanks Corey!

Corey Peters Outside Sports NZ

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Audi Quattro Winter Games NZ

Audi Quattro Winter Games NZ

21-30 August 2015

Audi Quattro Winter Games Outside Sports NZ

The worlds top winter sporting athletes are heading to New Zealand's Southern Alps for the 2015 Winter Games, competing in events in Queenstown and Wanaka. The 2013 Games reinforced the Winter Games status as one of the top five events on the international winter sports circuit, featuring six World Cup events. The New Zealand Winter Games has also played a big part in securing freeskiing as an Olympic sport and was the first major event to include adaptive skiing in the mainstream programme that allowed adaptive skiers to race alongside their able-bodied colleagues.

Audi Quattro Winter Games Outside Sports NZ

Sporting events for 2015 include:

  • Alpine Skiing, men's and women's Slalom and Giant Slalom disciplines at Coronet Peak, Queenstown, NZ.
  • Cross-Country Skiing along the Nordic ski trails at Snow Farm, near Wanaka, NZ.
  • Freeskiing, including Halfpipe and Slopestyle at Cardrona Alpine Resort, Wanaka, NZ.
  • Snowboarding, including Halfpipe and Slopestyle at Cardrona Alpine Resort, Wanaka, NZ.
  • Curling at the Southern Hemisphere's premiere indoor curling centre in Naseby, NZ.

Audi Quattro Winter Games Outside Sports NZ

Events are free to watch; check out our events calendar to see whats on. Don't miss the downtown entertainment throughout the event in Queenstown and Wanaka too!

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Energy Boosting Foods for Thought

Energy Boosting Foods

Feeling that mid season slug? Hitting the wall out there on the slopes? Winter is also the time for cold and flus, don't let the winter blues get you down with these healthy energy-boosting foods to give you that extra bit of a boost that you need on your next adventure.

Remarkables Skiing Outside Sports NZ

Fuel food for the body starts in the morning

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.

Start the day with a glass of water as soon as you wake up. Imagine a whole day without drinking. Your body does the equivalent of this every night when you sleep- it needs rehydrating immediately.

Energy boosting food and drinks Outside Sports NZ

Start fuelling your body in the morning with a fibre and protein packed breakfast that will keep you feeling full and blood sugar level steady. Try these for a power packed start to the day:

  • Eggs on multigrain toast
  • Oatmeal with a side of yogurt and berries

Take a break and refresh the body and mind

Avoid burning out and take a few minutes to stop, refuel and hydrate yourself.


Small snacks will help to maintain energy levels and ensure that you're not running on empty in between meals.

Cliff energy Bar Sports Nutrition Outside Sports NZ

Avoid simple carbohydrates and sugars such as sweets, lollies and fizzy drinks, which will only provide a quick "hit" followed by drowsiness. Instead try high fibre and protein options such as:

Try including these Energising Foods and Drinks in your diet:

Water: an integral part of keeping all the cells in your body hydrated and working at optimum levels.

Almonds: eaten raw and unsalted, are a good source of healthy fats and protein to balance blood sugar levels.

Quinoa: rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, a highly nutritious grain that keeps you full and energized well into your next meal.

Dark Chocolate: energizes by providing an excellent source of iron and magnesium. Make sure it's at least 70%.

Bananas: rich in potassium and B vitamins, bananas help slow down digestion and can keep blood sugar levels stable.

Bran Flakes: full of energy producing B-vitamins, iron, and magnesium. The fibre will also keep you full for longer and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Salmon: high in essential omega-3 fatty acids that are needed for energy production, brain activity, and circulation as well as maintaining heart health.

Curry: spices can boost energy levels with antioxidants, normalize blood sugar levels, and promoting good circulation.

Coconut: oils can prevent you from feeling sluggish throughout your day.

Lentils: stabilize blood glucose levels and can help prevent a mid afternoon crash.

Eggs: high in iron and protein to give you sustainable energy throughout the day.

Whole Grains: complex carbohydrates, fibre, B-vitamins and iron will keep you energized until your next meal.

Citrus Fruits: rich in Vitamin C can boost your body's immune system.

Greek Yogurt: filled with probiotics can help fight a weak immune system and boost your energy levels.

Kale: high in vitamins and minerals, kale is a great energy booster and key source of calcium.

Ginger Tea: filled with antioxidants and nutrients that can give you an afternoon boost.

Buy Sports Nutrition with Outside Sports.

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