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January 2016

FIFTY – The Movie. Mal Law

FIFTY – The Movie

Follow Wanaka's own Mal Law in his bold attempt to run 50 mountain marathons over 50 peaks in just 50 days, all around New Zealand, in order to raise an enormous amount of money for the Mental Health Foundation.

Fifty the movie Mal Law High 50 Challenge

"FIFTY The Movie" Teaser from Fifty on Vimeo.

The film is every bit as unique and ambitious as the adventure it traces. It’s  about so much more than just stunning mountain scenery and awesome trail running. It’s also about the ‘power of purpose’ and what is possible when thousands of people get together behind one man to help achieve something truly and utterly remarkable. 

Be amongst the first people on the planet to see this stunning, emotionally charged and epic documentary that will be setting the adventure world on fire at International Film Festivals during 2016 and 2017.

The evening includes pre-screening introductions by the Chief Nutter himself, Mal Law & fellow local man John-Jo Ritson of Flashworks Media, the film's Director and Editor.

20% of the proceeds from this screening will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation and added to the $514,000 that the High Five-0 Challenge has already raised for the cause.


WHERE: Lake Wanaka Centre - 89 Ardmore Street Wanaka NZ - View Map


Source: www.eventbrite.co.nz 

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Free Bike Maintenance Clinics

Bike Mechanics Night 

By Elmo Cotter

In mid January, Outside Sports hosted a bike mechanics clinic covering the basics of bike maintenance. The bike area of the Shotover street store was cleared for the crowd of 70 people who piled in and were excited to start learning about how to keep their bike running sweetly.

Bike Mechanics Night Outside Sports NZ

Clean and Adjust

Our specialist bike mechanics Bryn and Ryan took to the stage and demonstrated how to; clean your bike, look after and adjust your gears and chain, as well as the other essential things to be checked to keep your bike running safely.

Bike Mechanics Night Outside Sports NZ

There were some great questions from the crowd, plenty of laughs and plenty of prizes including two free bike services!

A flat tyre changing demonstration was followed by a race to change a tube which brought the competitive side out of the crowd. At the end of the presentation everyone was surprised with a special offer to shop for bike products discounted by 20%.

Bike Mechanics Night Outside Sports NZ

The First of Many

The clinic was the first in-store event Outside Sports has held this summer and was a great success. Thank you to everyone who turned up, we hope you all learnt something new and had fun doing so. We were so pleased with how well the first clinic went, Outside Sports will now be running fortnightly bike maintenance clinics. This time, limited to ten people per clinic (two clinics per night) to ensure everyone can get up close and personal with the bike and mechanic.

The first of these clinics will be held on the 3rd of February and fortnightly from then on until the end of March. They will be held in the Outside Sports store from 6-7pm. The clinics will cover a range of beginner and intermediate bike maintenance skills and show people how to keep their bike running smoothly this summer. The clinics are free to the public but bookings are essential to ensure your spot.

Secure a Spot

Bookings can be made via phone 03 441 0074 EXT: 2, or at the Outside Sports store, 9 Shotover street, Queenstown.


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Meet Luci- The Inflatable Solar Lamp


Luci lights are waterproof, shatterproof, inflatable solar lights that have been created by MPOWERD.

Luci Lamp Solar Inflatable light Outside Sports NZ

MPOWERD created Luci with the goal of making an affordable clean energy product that people could use to bring light to any situation. Of course to outdoor camping adventures and backyard parties, but also to empower the lives of the 1.5 billion people in developing countries without electricity.

Luci Lamp Solar Inflatable light Outside Sports NZ

How does Luci work?

Luci's solar panels absorb the sun's UV rays, which are then stored in its lithium battery until you're ready to use it. A Luci lamp can provide light for up to 12 hours, depending on the model you’re using and the mode it is set on.

Luci brings power to the people!

MPOWERD have built a business model that allows them to provide lights at a price everyone can afford. And through their Give Luci program, you can buy a light for someone who really needs it and send it to them directly.

Read the full guide.

Buy Luci lamp online.


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New Year, Next Adventure

What’s your New Year resolution?

While some of us face the “What the Hell” affect by overstepping a punishing self-set New Year’s resolution such as no more caffeine, no more chocolate or trying to commit to the Gym 5 times a week. Why not take upon the New Year with the goal to get outside? Even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day, science proves that being outdoors will make you a happier person.

I need Coffee

Source: hrgalfriday.com

The outdoors is Free

Forget Gym membership or those spin classes that’ll you’ll never stick too. Simply put on your hiking boots or runners and get back to nature, it’s as simple as walking the dog.

Why not ride your bike to work or climb to the top of a mountain- the possibilities are endless. Make New year your next Adventure.

Specialized Rumor Elite Outside Sports NZ

Photo Credit: Candice Tovey

According to a review of studies on outdoor exercise published in Environmental Science & Technology. When comparing indoor exercisers with outdoor exercisers, findings showed a decrease in the risk of mental illness and an increase in happiness among the latter.

Appreciate life

Spending time outdoors will help you appreciate the beauty in life. Experience the start of a new day watching the sunrise or take in the breathtaking sunset as the worries of the day are put in the past.

Sunset Glenorcy NZ

Photo Credit: Sonia Masarova "Sonia M Photography"

Sleep Better

Our bodies perform best when we follow their natural circadian rhythms—the cycle of sunlight and darkness over the course of 24 hours, spending time outside while it’s still light out will help you produce melatonin, the hormone that controls sleep, and serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel awake and cheerful.

So when’s your Next Adventure?


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Forbes Magazine

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