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Sports Recovery through Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

If you are an endurance enthusiasts who pushes themselves on a regular basis whether Marathon running, Biking or Skiing, stretching and resting isn’t the only factor you need to take into consideration when recovering from an intense workout. The best form of recovery for your body, and to improve your overall performance is through correct nutrition. With the ability to recover faster your body can perform at its best quicker allowing for more training and an overall stronger body; vital for your personal training goals or competition.

Sports Nutrition and recovery Outside Sports NZ

The most important physiological and biochemical changes take place post-exercise. Without fully recovering after a training session the body is weakened and is at risk from illness and injury; such as continuing tissue damage and a suppressed immune system. Allowing you body to recover fully and adequately after training helps the body to adapt to meet the demands of an athletes needs; building stronger muscles, improved endurance, and higher oxygen consumption.

Sports Nutrition and recovery Outside Sports NZ

The main importance of nutritional recovery for the body post-exercise is to reduce inflammation and oxidation, repair tissue damage, and restore normal immune function; a strong immune function will help to fight infection and repair tissue damage, this can be strengthened by the consumption of antioxidants and amino acids.

Reduce the risk of overtraining, illness and injury by fully recovering with these post exercise nutritional recovery supplements:

Keep Hydrated:

Keep hydrated before, during and after exercise for optimal performance and recovery. Electrolyte drinks (Sport drinks) contain potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium to provide energy during intense exercise, by replacing these lost electrolytes and replenishing the body’s needs, helping to sustain energy and recovery from exercise.

Replace Glycogen:

The most important stage of post exercise recovery is to replace lost glycogen (the bodies energy storage for fuel), helping to stimulate glycogen resynthesis. This can be achieved through consumption of carbohydrates as soon as possible after exercise.

Biochemical Balance:

The body’s biochemistry is disrupted during exercise. Reduce the risk of illness from a suppressed immune system and avoid colds, injury, tissue damage and overtraining by increasing your consumption of a balanced diet of protein and antioxidants, found in vitamin supplements, fresh fruits such as berries, milk and meat. The body can use this fuel to help rebuild damaged muscle tissue.

Sports Nutrition and recovery Outside Sports NZ

It is vital to replace what the body has lost during training to improve and aid recovery. Read: WHAT ARE ELECTROLYTE DRINKS? for more information on sporting nutrition to aid in the process of performance and recovery.

Check out a range of Sports Nutrition from Outside Sports to help the body before, during and after exercise.


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