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Ski Tuning

How Often Should I tune my Skis/Snowboard?

Winter is officially here in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. You may be in the market for a new snowboard or skis,  maybe you’re just dusting of the cobwebs from your last year’s gear. But before you head up the mountain when was the last time you had your skis or snowboard tuned?  Ask yourself what has been done to your new skis or snowboard fresh out of the wrapper?

Maintaining your skis or snowboard will prolong the life of your gear and is vital to the performance of your equipment. If you notice your skis or snowboard aren't gripping as well, initiating a turn as easily, sliding on the snow as fast, you've waited too long for a tune. A general rule of thumb is to wait no more than 6-8 days for a tune. Drop your skis and snowboards into our Ski workshops in Queenstown and Wanaka, and talk to the experts.


By waxing your skis or snowboard they become hydrophobic, meaning that they will repel water. The more hydrophobic your skis or snowboard the faster they will be and easier to turn. Wax reduces friction, drag and the build up of snow particles on the base which can cause a sticky feeling in warmer snow conditions. You can never wax your equipment to much, but it is important to have them waxed properly in relation to the snow temperatures and match them to the correct wax temperature ranges to provide efficient performance. Colder wax has a higher melting temperature and is more resistant to coarser snow.

Wax Future waxing Outside Sports NZ

Montana Wax Future, state of the art infrared hot waxer. Outside Sports NZ.

5 steps to Maintaining your Skis and Snowboard

Get into the routine of checking your gear at the end of each day;

  1. Separate your skis and dry then off to avoid rusty edges.
  2. Check your bindings, din setting and brakes.
  3. Check the bases of your Skis or Snowboard for scratches and core shots. If you see white in spots on the base then they need waxing. If you notice parts of the base that still have wax on them, usually circular spots, this means that your bases aren't flat anymore.
  4. Run you finger (be careful) along the edges of your skis or snowboard, if you can feel burrs it’s time to get your edges sharpened.
  5. Take your finger nail to the edge and try to shave the top of your nail off, if nothing happens this means that the edges are dull and need sharpening.

Outside Sports offers the most precise ski and snowboard tuning and repairs. Our qualified team of international technicians use their tuning skills to ensure that your equipment gives you the ultimate performance.

Looking after your equipment on a regular basis will help keep the repair bills down, give it a longer life and ensure that it is always at peak performance.

Whether your skis or snowboard are in need of a wax, edge, sharpening or precision tune, head to Outside Sports. Overnight service, repeat-service discounts and special deals through the season. 

Ski workshop Queenstown Outside Sports NZ

Opening Hours:

Queenstown Ski Workshop

Open June 2nd - October 30th*

Everyday from 9.00am - 8.00pm

*Ski mounting and waxing is available all year round


Wanaka Ski Workshop

Open June 1st- October 30th

Everyday from 8.30am - 6.00pm


Can we Fix it?- Yes we can. Check out our Ski Technicians blog- step by step core shot repair.


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