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Free Foot Analysis with Foot Balance

Foot Balance; Unique as You.

Foot Balance Outside Sports NZFor the lead up to the Queenstown Marathon, Foot Balance will be based at Outside Sports Queenstown providing Free Foot Analysis; 14th-22nd November 2015. Producing Custom made insoles in just 10 minutes in preparation for your next race, training session or adventure.

Free foot Analysis with Foot Balance Outside Sports NZ

"Your feet are the foundation for your entire body. When this foundation is misaligned or functioning poorly the effects can be felt throughout the body, whether in muscle and joint pain or through more serious injuries. Over 75% of the population suffers from overpronation or excessive supination, yet most of us are unaware of our own foot type and how it affects the rest of our body".

"By simply supporting the feet properly overall body alignment can be improved, alleviating pain and helping the body heal itself"- Foot Balance.

FootBalances' innovative products bring you the benefits of custom orthotics at an affordable price.

Foot Balance Outside Sports NZ

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