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Race Report: Richtersveld Transfronteir Wild Run: Day 3

Day 3: Hakkiesdoring to De Hoop


This was a great day. I loved it. The scenery was stunning and the running was so varied. The morning light with a little cloud around, especially the 'Springbokvlakte', made for such enjoyable running. You had to turn and look behind frequently. Dawid disappeared off somewhere along the Springbokvlakte. It was down to Tobias and me which was great, keeping each other right on navigation and at a pace which was good for both of us.

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Then we hit the Tatesburg boulders which again was enjoyable, interesting, fun travel. Scrambling and climbing over enormous grippy boulders, with the occasional leaps from one house sized boulder to another. The boulders are the result of a glacial age millions of years ago. The route was marked out at this point, so it was nice to put the map away for a while and be able to just enjoy the travel over this amazing terrain. It was great coming across the rest of field throughout the morning, everyone with big smiles.

jo williams outside sports nz

Then we had glorious run down a lovely gradient for 8-10km to get to the Orange River. The green of the river valley was a contrast to the red and black rock of the desert. The last 10 km or so home along the Orange River on soft sand was the tough part of the day for me. To finish with Tobias only a couple of minutes behind Dawid and...

"jump into the Orange River was another highlight of the day. It was surprisingly cold!"

This campsite was my favourite, just lovely to be able to sit and look out over the Orange River, to Namibia, while sipping a cold cider…along with yet another yummy lunch by Magda and the kitchen crew. Followed by a massage and Fran's yoga, I was enjoying the luxuries of this race! So spoilt! Then all there was to do was plan for the next day's run. Which was to be a long day, but exciting to think of going over into Namibia and the fish river canyon…into country where very few people have travelled.

jo williams outside sports nz



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