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High Five-O Challenge Win $1000

High five-o challenge Malcom Law 24 hours on Mt.Iron



From midday on Saturday Nov 8th to midday Sunday Nov 9th, Mal's training will reach new heights..... But just how high will he go?

Mal will spend those 24 hours running/walking/crawling up the slopes of iconic Mt. Iron, on the outskirts of his hometown, Wanaka. It will be his biggest single training challenge in the lead-up to the High Five-0. And it will be epic in its own right!

For every $10 you donate, you receive one guess at Mal's total vertical climb during those 24 hours. The closest guess wins $1,000 worth of Marmot gear!


  • If you're in the area why not call by and join Mal for an ascent or two – the panoramic views from the top make it well worthwhile & Mal will no doubt appreciate the moral support
  • Enter the '24 Hours on Iron' competition and be in to win $1,000 WORTH OF MARMOT GEAR OF YOUR CHOICE FROM THE OUTSIDE SPORTS ONLINE SHOP (subject to availability)

THE COMPETITION – How high will Malcom Law go?

  • To enter the competition you will need to support the cause that Mal is running himself ragged for – every $10 you donate to the Mental Health Foundation via Fundraise Online earns you ONE entry.

  • You then get to guess just how many vertical metres Mal will climb during those 24 hours – one guess for each $10 you have donated.
  • Mal's vertical gain over the 24 hours will be measured using his Garmin 910XT watch and progress updates will be posted on Facebook throughout his mission.
  • The person whose guess is closest to the actual vertical gain Mal achieves wins the $1,000 worth of Marmot gear.

High Five-O Challenge Competition Notes:

  • Entries close at 11 a.m. November 8th 2014 – to be sure of getting your entry entitlement we advise making your donation well in advance of this time.
  • If you guess the same vertical gain as another contestant you will be advised of this and asked to make another selection – so there can only be one winner!
  • In the instance that two people are equally close e.g. 10m more and 10m less than the actual, then the prize will be awarded to the person choosing the higher figure. Why? Because we love optimists!
  • Guesses available will be calculated from donations received after October 15th 2014.

About Malcom Law:

  • In April 2012 Malcom did something similar on North Head, Auckland. Dubbed 'Everest in a Day' he climbed 8,880m in 24hrs 45 minutes
  • Earlier this year Mal completed 10 ascents of Mt. Iron in a thunderstorm. The 2,221m gained took him 4hrs 21 mins. He guarantees that he will not be able to maintain that pace over 24 hours – but just how much slower will he be?


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