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Find the new you!

Find the new you!

Christmas is a great time of year, but as we all have experienced it can lead to some over indulging. Enter the New Year with a resolution to get outdoors and exercise. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world with so much to offer for the great outdoors on our doorstep. Getting outdoors is not only an excuse to loose weight but to also exercise for your mind. "When you exercise outdoors, your mind becomes aware of the changing terrain. Whether you use the hills, the sand on a beach, or a winding path, your mind has to focus differently than it would on a flat gym floor”. "Why would you need bottled aromatherapy when you can go outside and smell nature? Outside exercise uses all your senses and connects your body and mind. As you become more physically fit, your mind also becomes more aware. You start to look at life differently. It can be a life-changing experience," says Vindum, 12/9/2009 (www.everydayhealth.com/fitness/outdoor-exercise-benefits.aspx.)

Otago Central Rail Trail - New Zealand's Original 'Great Ride'

With Clean air, a daily dose of Vitamin D (reduces likelihood of experiencing depressive symptoms) and no membership fees there really is no excuse not to take your exercise outdoors. There’s so much on offer, all you need to do is find an outdoor activity that fits your style, it's as simple as walking the dog or you can try a watersport, rock-climbing, hiking, or biking. So whats stopping you?..........

Kepler Track, New Zealand

Walking/trekking or Hiking is inexpensive, interesting and easy to start to exercising outdoors, so you can participate no matter how fit you currently are, and what better place for motivation than to be hiking in New Zealand. Get out an explore nature and you’ll be so busy soaking in the sights that you won’t even realise the benfits of your workout. Hiking can help you to lose weight, clear and ease your mind and build a healthier body.

We can all benefit from exercise. So get closer to nature and feel fulfilled by achieving something more tangible than completing a fitness circuit at the gym. Be inspired to Lead a healthier and happier life:

1. Reduce Stress

2. Boost Happy Chemicals

3. Improve Self-Confidence

4. Enjoy The Great Outdoors

5. Prevent Cognitive Decline

6. Alleviate Anxiety

7. Boost Brainpower

8. Sharpen Memory

9. Help Control Addiction

10. Increase Relaxation

11. Get More Done

12. Tap Into Creativity

13. Inspire Others!

So take your adventures outside. Outside Sports can help you get ready with a range of Run and Fitness gear. Don't forget the essentials to keep your body fueled with hydration and sports nutrition.


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