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This is going to be the Winter!

This is going to be the Winter!

New Zealand has just won Destination of the Year in China's 2014-2015 "It's my world" online competition, against 3000 other countries.  Not only did New Zealand take the title for "Destination of the Year" it also took; "Most beautiful town" along with multiple awards in the top ten - including the Best Skiing Destination as Queenstown.

Queenstown and the South Island took winning titles in other categories:

#1 - Most Beautiful Town: Queenstown

#1 - Ultimate Experience: Skydiving in Queenstown

Top 5 - Most Beautiful Self-drive Route: South Island

What more can we say? Come and see if the votes are right for yourself, we agree, and with an El Niño forecasted for this winter, New Zealand is proving to be the choice of destination for skiing over Australia for snow conditions.

El nino winter ski season Outside sports NZ

2015 Outlook

The Outlook for this winter forecasted by Mountain watch is a strong El Nino event; “El Niño is accompanied by high air pressure in the western Pacific and low air pressure in the eastern Pacific”. Reference: Wikipedia

For New Zealand an El Nino means that pressure will tend to be higher to the west, and lower to the east, as in the image below:

El nino winter ski season Outside sports NZ

Positive values to the west of NZ denote higher pressures during El Nino winters. Reference: Mountain Watch

What does this mean for us down South?

The pressure pattern shift will produce more cold southerlies therefore producing a regular moderate snow activity this winter. The cooler winds will mean any precipitation will result in snow and less rain, especially good for locations around Queenstown which are exposed to both the south and the southwest.

El nino winter ski season Outside sports NZ

Left hand image shows winter westerly wind anomalies during El Nino. Positive values denote stronger and/or more frequent westerlies. Middle image shows southerly wind anomalies during El Nino. Positive values denote stronger and/or more frequent southerlies. Right hand image shows temperature anomalies during El Nino. Blue means colder. Reference: Mountain Watch

Pick of the year

Overall, New Zealand is looking good for the 2015 Ski Season; “My pick this year, Q’town for the safe money, with a wild card of a big southerly storm......” Reference: New Zealand Seasonal Snow Outlook- The Grasshopper 3rd April 2015.

So this is it, we’ve waited, could this be the winter? Book now and save any disappointment, not that you would be, after all we are the destination of the year!


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