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Floortje takes on the Kepler Challenge

The Kepler Challenge Race

By Floortje

Floortje on the Kepler Challenge race

Running the Kepler with Floortje:

Kepler was a big Challenge. I had the pressure on all day, I didn't even have time for toilet stops!

I ran comfortably with a friend up to Luxmore Hut. And started to realise I needed to get ahead to chase the other girls. I was running 4th by the half way point, 32km at the Iris Burn hut.

I had no time to grab goodies from transition, this meant missing out on Christmas cake!!.

From there I thought the hills were over and I would be on flat terrain..... turns out I got that absolutely wrong......

With the girls on my heels I started to pace out fast, working on mental strength to stay ahead. After holding the lead for 1.5 hours of fast pace I still hadn't found the flat terrain I was expecting, and so I decided the guys in my train could lead for a while.  It was at that moment I realised one of the girls was hanging on and passed me freshly.

The fast out pace bit me in the bum. I kept going, sitting in a black box, I got passed by another girl in the last 10km. Still looking for the flat terrain I finally found it in the last 500 meters before I happily finished.


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Adam Wilson takes on Challenge Wanaka 2015

Outside Sports sponsored triathlete Adam Wilson gives us a personal account of his winning race review from Challenge Wanaka 2015:

Adam Wilson:

Challenge Wanaka was an amazing feeling, especially seeing it was my first ironman. I didn’t expect to win let alone by that amount.

My race when better than expected right from the start, 18 degree, mirror flat lake couldn’t ask for better swim conditions. They changed the swim to a beach and with a couple of good duck dives 2 of us cleared the hundreds of other swimmers and shot away into the clear water. The other swimmer was pushing pretty hard so I snuck in behind him and he gave me a good drag around the entire swim course. It wasn’t till early into the 2nd lap that I realised that this other swimmer was my sister’s boyfriend who was also competing in his 1st ironman. As we exited the swim we had a decent gap before the chase group.

Adam Ironman Outside Sports NZ Swim Challenge Wanaka

I took the lead for the 1st time early into the bike and tried to settle into my race plan and forget about the chasing riders. For quite some time I didn’t see another rider which made it feel rather like a training ride and took away any race nerves. During the ride I was lucky enough to have some supporters updating me on how the race was progressing behind and to my astonishment my lead just kept on growing. By the time I entered the bike/run transition I had a 15 minute gap and had rode a 5:05 bike split, much faster than my 5:20 target time.

Adam Ironman Outside Sports NZ Bike Challenge Wanaka

Into the run, which tends to be my weakness in any distance triathlon. In the back of my mind I was wondering whether 15 minutes was enough and didn’t really know how fast the chasers would be. My target was to run around the 3:30 mark and with the day heating up I was wondering if even sub 4hrs was possible after a hard ride. My first lap when much better than expected and to my surprise I was well on track for a good finish. With more progress updates from my support crew and nobody catching fast I was beginning to believe I could really win. The 2nd lap was really painful and I had a couple of moments where I thought I was blowing to pieces but I managed to keep ticking over finished the marathon in 3:33.

Adam Ironman Outside Sports NZ Run Challenge Wanaka

I finished over 14 minutes in front of the next amateur and even bet some of the professionals (They started 15 minutes before the amateur field).

Adam's Times:

Swim – 54:52

Bike – 5:05:55

Run – 3:33:41

(plus some transition time)

Total time – 9:39:24

Adam Challenge-Wanaka-2015-Prize-Giving Outside Sports NZ

I’ve been a sponsored athlete with Outside Sports now for around 3 years and I’m really grateful for the support they have provided. Without their assistance I would have struggled to achieve my goals as a triathlete. Triathlon is an expensive sport, with multiple bikes, bike accessories, wetsuits and not to mention the international travel it soon gets expensive and without the assistance of Outside Sports I would not have been able to afford to compete internationally.

Outside Sports specifically help by supporting me with all the equipment I need to be a competitive triathlete and more importantly help me maintain this equipment so it’s all running smoothly not only at all my races but during every training session in between. The staff at Outside Sports Ride Centre, Queenstown are extremely skilled bike mechanics who have always managed to get my bikes working perfectly whenever I come to them with any issues.

One of the most effective improvements since coming on board with Outside Sports was my bike positioning. After they put me through a Specialized Body Geometry Fit which is a highly scientific approach to bike fitting I had my best result to date, placing 5th in my age group at the New Zealand Half Ironman Champs in Tauranga in a personal best time of 4hrs 19mins. Subsequently I qualified to race in the World Long Distance Champs in France. I definitely recommend that any recreational or competitive cyclist or triathlete who wants to be more comfortable and efficient on their bike looks into getting a Body Geometry fit with Outside Sports.

I’m happy to see Outside Sports moving into their brand new store. The new store looks and feels amazing. One of the issues in the past was parking and store access which will be vastly improved making it much easier for customers to spend time in the shop and not wasting it trying to find a park.

In my role for Cardrona we worked closely with Outside Sports last winter to provide some great packages for skiers and snowboarders visiting Queenstown and we look forward to teaming up again in 2015.

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The Motor Neurone Cycle Challenge, NZ 2015

The Motor Neurone Cycle Challenge 2015

In February 2015 Carey Vivian embarked on an inspiring 6 week mission; cycling off-road and unsupported for 4,000 km from Cape Reinga (North Island, New Zealand) to Bluff (South Island, New Zealand) to fundraise for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of New Zealand. This challenging cycle route criss-crosses the country several times and equates to more than two times the distance if the shortest on-road route was taken. The ride will push Carey’s endurance and willpower to the extreme. To complete the challenge route within the 6 week timeframe Carey will need to average at least 100km per day despite possible adverse weather conditions and physical difficulties.

Neurone cycle challenge 2015 Outside Sports NZ

Carey’s father was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease two years ago. Carey decided he needed to do something tangible to help the association, and used his expertise in biking to aid fundraising and awareness. Since the age of 2 Carey has done it all: BMX, road cycling, track cycling, mountain biking, touring, single speed and cyclocross. An elected life member of the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club and a Trustee on Queenstown Trails Trust. Carey’s mission of the Motor Neurone Cycle Challenge is to raise $50,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of NZ and promote public awareness of Motor Neurone Disease along the way.

Carey and Kev with Southland-Clutha MP The Motor Neurone Cycle Challenge 2015

Carey and brother-in-law Kev pictured with Southland-Clutha MP Todd Barclay on Parliament steps on Friday 20th February 2015, sending thanks to all donations and continued well wishes.

Carey has now cycled the North Island section, and he has ahead of him some big riding days down the South Island, NZ.

To make a donation please click on the following link: https://www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/MotorNeuroneCycleChallenge/

This link will take you to the Fundraise online website where you can make a secure credit card donation direct to the Motor Neurone Cycle Challenge.

Look part of the team in the Outside Sports team issue jersey.

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