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Specialized Bike Review, Crave SL & Enduro 29

Specialized Bike Review

Tom Lamb Feb. 2015

Tom Lamb, a staff member from our bike department and very experienced rider, puts his view on his own bikes from a couple of recent rides:

My first ride on my new Specialized Crave SL:

My New Specialized Crave SL is challenging but a fantastically fun bike to ride. The fully ridged fork may be a bit too brutal for some (myself included) but it does give the bike a very direct feel with no energy lost compared to suspension travel bike. I changed a few parts on this bike but this is only because I had a bunch of spare parts in the garage. Riding the Specialized Crave SL as it comes straight from the shop is more than ok. The stock brakes are on the cheaper end of the scale but still offer good stopping power and the rest of the componentry offers good solid performing parts that may not be cutting edge but will not let you down while also not weighing a ton. I’m looking forward to riding this bike through the winter as I think it will be fantastic fun – I like getting loose in the wet.

2015 Specialized Crave SL Outside Sports NZ

 Specialized Enduro 29er up Coronet Peak, Queenstown.

 I love this bike!!! it is the most capable bike I have ever had, I have done everything on this from 3hr plus XC rides (the more up the better, it means more down) to racing (and winning) downhill. The Coronet trails are where this bike really excels, big climbs followed by high speed, at times very steep, trails. The traction and stability offered by the big wheels really shine and I cannot help but come away from riding this place in a better mood than when I arrived, I wouldn't swap it for anything else out there just now (apart from an S-Works Enduro 29).

Specialized Enduro 29, outside sports nz

 Kerwins Heli Biking.

Some pics from the Heli drop that Tom did at Kerwins with his partner Erin. "Such a good track, especially since it had been soaked over night by heavy rain", says Tom.

Kerwin Heli Biking Outside Sports NZ

Kerwin Heli Biking Outside Sports NZ

Kerwin Heli Biking Outside Sports NZ

Head into Outside Sports Queenstown and chat with Tom for expert advice on a bike to fit you're style of riding.

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