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Wrap up for Winter

Get Layering For Winter

Whether preparing for skiing the slopes, hiking out on the hills, fishing or simply walking the dog. Layering your clothing correctly will keep you warm in the winter months. Whilst you may have the best rated winter jacket, this layer alone is not enough to keep you warm. The key to keeping warm outside is insulation, by using a 3 layer formula; base layer, insulating layer and outer layer to provide an effective barrier of fabric between you and Mother Nature.

Base Layer

DON’T WEAR COTTON. Your base layer needs to be of wicking fabric, to keep moisture away from the skin and prevent you from getting cold. Icebreaker Merino will do the job nicely; it dries quickly and doesn’t stay wet. Wear top and bottom, well fitted baselayers to ensure overall body heat.

Icebreaker Baselayers Outside Sports NZIcebreaker Baselayers Outside Sports NZ

Insulating Layer

Fleece, Icebreaker merino-loftCanada Goose down and Marmot synthetic down provide great insulating properties for a mid layer. The mid layer will receive a lot of the transferred dampness from your moisture-wicking base layer; so again, no cotton, it can fit more loosely than your base layer.

Icebreaker Midlayer Outside Sports NZIcebreaker Midlayer Outside Sports NZ

Outerwear Layer

The final layer is the outerwear. Depending on what you are intending to do and the elements you will face, the outerwear can consists of insulated, waterproof jacket and pants or a single windproof jacket. The outerwear layer needs to protect you from rain, snow, sleet, wind, etc.

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Wrap up from top to toe

In addition to the three main layers, there are some important accessories to ensure the chill is kept at bay; Wool Socks, Hat, gloves and Neck warmer. Up to 45% of body heat is lost through the head, so pop on a warm hat or beanie. Waterproof gloves ensure that you are kept dry as well as warm. If skiing, snowboarding or mountaineering goggles will improve and protect your vision.

Remember if you wear too much you can always take a layer off, you can put something on you don’t have. Where the right fabric and be prepared with a customised layering system to suit your environment.

Check out our Wrap up for Winter Pinterest Board for ideas.

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