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Naseby 12 Hours on 29ers - yeeehaaaa

The final race of the season, the Naseby 12hr, 2000ft above worry level, and very close to the snow on the tops of the mountains.  BRRRRR….

We pulled out the big wheels for this one, never before have any of us ridden for longer than a few minutes on 29er's but we thought it was worth a crack, and a laugh.

With a good downpour the day before the trail was awesome fun, slippery wet roots yeeehaaaa, more singletrack than ever before.  With a little hard work effort the hills became flowing single track that the 29er wheels loved.

The road section made for some good times trying to practice my new skill of drafting, my first success led to more joy then I knew was possible on the road.  Thanks for the free ride number 49.

The high speed downhill section that was covered with bombs was definitely the highlight though.  Point and shoot was the technique, braking was not on option on the wet roots.

The costumes, camaraderie and fun festive spirit made for a fantastic 12 hours.  Our team had an epic, exhausting day and sprinted to the finish to miss out on our 20th lap by 40 secs, great team effort by our final rider - so close.

And yes the Specialized Epic lived up to its reputation as a fantastic racing machine.  It accelerated along the flat water race with little effort and ripped up the single track rolling over the wet roots and keeping my face off the ground perfectly.

We'll be back again next year for more of the same.  Maybe even with costumes!!

The Line Up Waiting for the runners

Tag Team

Still smiling after 35 min sprint


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