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Can we fix it – Yes we Can


Opening day at any ski field is a wild one with lots of exited, fresh legs wanting to get their first turns and lap out all day. Meanwhile trying to remember how to turn and how fast you can go (or not). but this opening day was a special one  30cm of fresh snow on top of an already impressive base – it was going to be epic.

But with any ski field set on a base of sharp rocks there will be a few rocks popping up from the great base of snow, of course I found one. After lapping it out until my legs didn't work I headed for home to find this big surprise on my skis.


 A decent core shot, one of the best we've had in the ski workshop this season, but with a season start like this, it won't be the last.  Here's how we repaired it.

ImageStage 1 of the repair is to dry the base and clean any debris from the area. I also like to cut any sharp edges from the hole to make filling the hole easier.

  ImageStep 2  is to melt glue wire into the hole with the corner of the ptex gun at 300 degrees C.  This sets a good foundation for the ptex material to hold onto.

ImageStage 3 Allow the glue wire to cool and trim the material from the surrounding area with a craft knife. Now fill the hole with ptex base material either with a ptex stick or ptex gun. allow this to cool and scrape of the excess material.

ImageStage 4 Onto the legendary 'Montana snow cruiser max'  where it will be lightly ground to perfection and set with a light structure using a crystal glide finish, perfect for New Zealand snow conditions

Stage 5 - The finishing touch - the wax finish using our fantastic new 'wax future'  and we have a finished professionally repaired core shot.

Until the next powder day.


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