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New Year, Next Adventure

What’s your New Year resolution?

While some of us face the “What the Hell” affect by overstepping a punishing self-set New Year’s resolution such as no more caffeine, no more chocolate or trying to commit to the Gym 5 times a week. Why not take upon the New Year with the goal to get outside? Even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day, science proves that being outdoors will make you a happier person.

I need Coffee

Source: hrgalfriday.com

The outdoors is Free

Forget Gym membership or those spin classes that’ll you’ll never stick too. Simply put on your hiking boots or runners and get back to nature, it’s as simple as walking the dog.

Why not ride your bike to work or climb to the top of a mountain- the possibilities are endless. Make New year your next Adventure.

Specialized Rumor Elite Outside Sports NZ

Photo Credit: Candice Tovey

According to a review of studies on outdoor exercise published in Environmental Science & Technology. When comparing indoor exercisers with outdoor exercisers, findings showed a decrease in the risk of mental illness and an increase in happiness among the latter.

Appreciate life

Spending time outdoors will help you appreciate the beauty in life. Experience the start of a new day watching the sunrise or take in the breathtaking sunset as the worries of the day are put in the past.

Sunset Glenorcy NZ

Photo Credit: Sonia Masarova "Sonia M Photography"

Sleep Better

Our bodies perform best when we follow their natural circadian rhythms—the cycle of sunlight and darkness over the course of 24 hours, spending time outside while it’s still light out will help you produce melatonin, the hormone that controls sleep, and serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel awake and cheerful.

So when’s your Next Adventure?


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Forbes Magazine

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New Store Opening Soon

For the past 10 years Outside Sports has been trading from its 3 floor building on Shotover Street. The success story that is Outside Sports today began in 1995 when John and Judy Knight moved to Queenstown and opened their first outdoor sports shop and called it Outside Sports. Their vision was to create a unique outdoor sports shop that was dramatically different from any other store in Queenstown, and to have a product range devoted exclusively to outdoor sports. They wanted Queenstowners to enjoy and be as passionate about the outdoors as they were.

The formula certainly worked and in 1996 the company moved to the top of the Queenstown Mall and they never looked back. The store operated seven days a week, running a retail shop, rentals and a workshop. In 1998 the Outside Sports store further expanded and introduced the ever popular range of Icebreaker Clothing. In 2009 Outside Sports merged with two other well established companies to form the enlarged Outside Sports group which now has shops in Queenstown, Wanaka and Te Anau.

A great article from 360 photography about Outside Sports, Queenstown's New Store- Opening February 2nd 2015:

Posted on 28/01/2015 by 360 photography

The new Outside Sports flagship store in Queenstown will officially open its doors on Monday February 2nd, offering the highest levels of expertise and equipment. Managing Director John Knight said he and the staff “couldn’t wait” to get into the new store, which has two separate entrances on Shotover Street and Memorial Avenue.

 The purpose-built 700sqm store is all on one level, and designed to be easily interchangeable between summer and winter stock and services.

Managing Team, Outside Sports, Queenstown NZ

Managing team at Outside Sports, From Left to Right: John, Judy, Neil and Eric.

 “It’s a beautiful landmark building with fantastic attention to detail inside and out, a combination of schist, glass, steel and wood,” said Mr Knight.

 “Internally at its highest point it’s 12.2m high, almost like a cathedral and a magnificent space.”

  “Whereas in our previous store our staff were spread over three floors, here they can all interact with customers which is fantastic.”

   “It makes it easier for us when our key points of difference are our service levels, our technically-knowledgeable staff and the high-quality equipment we sell.”

   “When people come in to buy or rent one of our Specialized bikes, our guys and girls will make sure they fit properly to your requirements – from the recreational biker to the avid downhill fan.”

   “Similarly for Winter sports, whether you’re a beginner snow bunny, a back country snowboarder or a ski racer our staff can help you with boot, ski or snowboard fitting and servicing your gear.”

   “Every time our skis or bikes go out they’re fully maintained, tuned and repaired. We have a huge range of rental bikes, including bikes worth up to $9,000. They’re ‘fit for purpose’ bikes so you don’t have to bring your own kit here, and it’s the same if visitors are here over winter.”

The Outside Sports store also incorporates new Marmot and Icebreaker concept stores.The final touches are now being put into the building by Naylor Love Construction. Mr Knight said the new store would raise the benchmark for outdoor retail in Queenstown, and boasts customer parking at the rear of the building.

 The current shop will shut its doors for the final time this Friday 30 January.

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