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Whether you’re hiring a bike or taking your own bike on your New Zealand bikepacking adventure there are essential items you need to pack to keep your bike in motion and keep you safe and healthy out there on the trail.

Bike Tools 

This is a basic list of the repair and maintenance tools you should have with and know how to use – even if you only plan on being away a night or two. 
  • Bike multi-tool — be sure that it has all the fittings your bike requires 
  • Chain breaker — in the event of a broken chain 
  • Master link pliers — another essential item for chain repair 
  • Leatherman-type multi-tool  
  • Chain lube — a small bottle of Muc Off wet chain lube 
  • Duct tape — a few winds around your mini-pump for various repairs and patches 
  • Cable ties — can come in handy for a variety of repairs to everything from a loose cable to a broken tent eyelet; 
  • Shock pump — for longer trips that take you far from bike shops 

Tyre Tools 

You can either run a tubeless or tubed set up. Tubeless with tyre sealant already in the tyre is a better way to go as small punctures will pretty much look after themselves. The sealant reacts with air to seal the hole. But in case of a big slash or tear, it’s still good insurance to take a few tubes and patches. 

  • Mini tyre pump  
  • Tyre plugs — a few different sizes 
  • Extra sealant  
  • Spare tubes — 1-3 depending on the duration of your trip and surface you’ll be traversing 
  • Tyre levers x2  
  • Tyre boots – to repair torn sidewalls 
  • Super glue — to help secure tyre plugs 
  • Patch kit with rubber cement — in case you have to use a tube if a tubeless tyre is badly damaged. 


  • Master links that match your chain 
  • Spare derailleur hanger  
  • Brake pads — 2-4 sets depending on the length of your trip 


  • Phone  
  • GPS navigation device with distress messaging /locator function 
  • Charging cables and charger (power converters - NZ is 240v) 
  • Auxiliary battery pack 
  • Helmet headlamp 
  • Blinker rear light 

Safety and First Aid 

  • Bell - a must-have for warning other trail users of your approach  
  • Hi-vis vest — good to wear if your route includes local roads and highways 
  • Emergency whistle 
  • 20cc wound irrigation syringe 
  • Betadine wipes or small bottle for wound disinfection 
  • Tweezers to remove wound debris 
  • Steri-Strips 
  • Roll of gauze bandage — to wrap wounds and support fractures 
  • K-Tape – to support strained muscles and joints  
  • Antibiotic ointment  
  • Ibuprofen  
  • Antihistamine tablets for allergic reactions and hay fever 
  • Isotonic drops to add to you water bottle to help you rehydrate quickly  

Making sure you everything with you will ensure you have a great experience out there in the mighty New Zealand backcountry.  

For more on the personal items you should take check out Bikepacking New Zealand. Part 1) 

If you need any of the gear we listed or just some practical advice from people who bikepack in New Zealand themselves, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Outside Sports.

We have bike sales and rentals at Queenstown and Wanaka, and rentals at Te Anau and Tekapo. All stores carry bikepacking apparel and accessories. 

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